Thursday, September 22, 2022

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Episode 6

6. Just Jen
Jen is invited to the wedding of a high school friend from whom she grew apart in the last few years. She is designated to be the bridesmaid in what appears to be a ploy to humiliate her in front of their high school circle, which is just common with almost every high school reunion event. She goes anyway, as She-Hulk, but is rebuked and requested to be “Just Jen” so as not to steal the bride’s thunder. She eventually ends up breaking that promise when Titania suddenly arrives in the guise of being invited but later on reveals to have just orchestrated everything to have a rematch with She-Hulk. A drunk and newly transformed Jen easily defeats her and knocks off all her veneers, further humiliating her in the public eye. Meanwhile, Nikki is given the opportunity to work with Mallory since Jen is away. They take on the case of a guy with the ability to resurrect himself after every death and is being sued by wives and partners who are legally widowed in the process. In a secret lab, a mastermind is almost done perfecting his injection to penetrate She-Hulk skin.

Oh well, I guess that’s why a lot of people are pissed that they have been given a filler episode when they heavily anticipated Daredevil to appear today because of his headgear’s tease last week. While I also want to get mad out of disappointment, I can’t get myself to because the writers are doing such an awesome and amusing job trolling the trolls and haters online. I am amazed because filming for this show wrapped up eons ago, meaning those subplots about manbabies crying over She-Hulk in their own little online bubbles couldn’t have been reactive. In short, the writers just winged it and successfully predicted the review bombs and eventual display of toxic masculinity from the fanbase. In effect, the misogynists you see spewing vitriol online are so well-represented in the show itself, it somehow feels meta. Anyway, it’s good that they did give us some clues about the big bad, albeit not a lot to mount a credible assumption. We’re already 2/3 of the way to the ending, and Titania is not really shaping up as a believable villain. If anything, she’s more of a nuisance and probably just a red herring.

“Yes, it's a self-contained wedding episode. And if you think this is happening at an inconvenient time in the season, you're right. Because that's just how weddings are.” –Jen

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