Thursday, January 29, 2009

Status: Single


The thing about Rufa Mae is either you love her or you hate her. As for me she only has to say something and whether it makes sense or not I end up laughing. She has that effect on me. I do not know why, hahaha. The comedy in the movie lies on the absurdity of the situation which is best summarized by Paolo Contis' line: "Ugali mo pang-madre. Katawan mo pang porn star." Rufa Mae was funny acting pa-demure while wearing provocative clothing and uttering her non-sense one-liners with that unique accent of hers.

The role of Paolo Contis is like Jose Javier Reyes himself. It was obvious in his lines. At least the former child star's career has been given a new lease of life, lol. He was effective as the gay confidante responsible for slapping his best friend back to reality.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love Me Again


I do not get the poster so I imagined thought boxes to help me understand it.

ANGEL: Isn't this a cowboy movie? Why am I wearing this gown AND riding a horse? One more shade of red and this dress would have made me look like a White Castle girl!

PIOLO: With all these rumors circulating about my sexuality, they still made me ride this horse, staring blankly ahead, day-dreaming I was a White Castle girl... Oops. Pretend I didn't say that!

Bukidnon is so green and bucolic. (Jump to Australia) And that koala was so adorable while it was eating! And who could forget the kangaroos! There must be something wrong with a movie if you remember the flora and the fauna more than the story or the characters. Promoting local tourism is a good thing, if you are watching a DOT infomercial. This is supposed to be a movie. A cowboy movie, whatever that is.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

My name is Benjamin. Benjamin Button. And I was born under unusual circumstances. How is a man, who ages in reverse, born? How does he die? It got me curious so I watched the film. I must warn you that it was almost three hours long and had nothing much interesting to offer other than a glimpse of how Cate Blanchett would look like in twenty years and Brad Pitt aging backwards.

One might wonder why a short story adaptation should be so long when novels adapted into film would fit in just two hours. As for me, I had no problem with the length. I think seeing someone age backwards and reflect on its consequences is interesting enough to keep me watching. In fact, the story would have been just any other biopic except that the character ages backwards. But Benjamin has his own interesting story to tell and you just could not help but get engrossed in it. It is that what-if-human-beings-do-age-backwards factor.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jeepney Decorum

The jeepney is a form of transportation unique here in the Philippines. Riding it everyday is an adventure. You get to sit very close to people you do not know, some of whom have not yet met the term hygiene. You give them your trust by passing your fare believing that none of them would pocket it. And you wonder how the driver actually takes note of who have already paid and who has not. Or perhaps they just rely on karma, as is said on that mini wooden board: God knows Hudas not pay.

While in Makati smoking in the jeepney is punishable by law, we just have a few fellowmen who seem to think that they are somehow above the city ordinances. Like what happened to me a few weeks back. And so the story goes like this:

I woke up late and the clock said 7 PM. I knew I would be late so I gave my supervisor a ring to advise him about it. The jeep I boarded was full so I had to sit beside a man smoking his cigarette near the driver. I do not like people blowing smoke on my face, but then again what can I do? He was chit chatting with the driver. Whether they were lovers or perhaps just beer buddies, I did not try to find out. And so I treated him as if he did not exist even when the smoke was all around the jeepney.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost... in Translation

Lost is an American soap opera about an island plane crashing in the Pacific, Kang Man-ing in the tropical jungle (whatever that means), and a night in the face of all the bile sounds mysterious biological warfare. For enlightenment, this is what the DVD cover says:

A story from the perspective of occupational doctors Jack start an airliner crashed in the Pacific Ocean on an island, 48 passengers fortunate survivors. Not good medical care, Jack can only use the most rudimentary way people will be dying one to save. In the struggle for survival in the process, Jack became heroes. However, even if there are ulterior heroes will be a secret... The drama for the year 2004 most worth watching soap operas on television. ABC television in the United States spending huge sums - Hawaii filming, the whole story ups and downs, brought actor performances, has become a prime-time TV ratings were the highest one.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Resolutions


When 90% of the people you talk to everyday say Ha? and put their ears closer just to hear you that does not mean all of them are deaf. Perhaps the problem is with the volume of your voice. I am guilty of this because this is what my brother and I have been accustomed to. Our voices are always set on Ascending. Just to give you an idea:

BROTHER: *&@^%$#! *%^ %#$* &%)&! @$ )&%&#& (inaudible).

ME: Ano?

BROTHER: Pa@^ku#! *%^ yung &%)ro @$ kwar#&! (low).

ME: Leche magsalita ka ng maayos diyan tsitsinelasin kita!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas: the Mood vs. the Event

As a kid, I looked forward to Christmas day. It was that one event every year when you get to see people you only see once in a blue moon. You receive presents wrapped in colorful wrappers and the elders of the clan manage to convince you to do something scandalous like dancing to the tune of The Sign or singing an off key version of Jose Mari Chan's Perfect Christmas. And since it is Christmas day your neighbors could not complain. They probably would not because they are doing it too.

However, as one grows old the once beautifully wrapped presents turn into envelopes, the content of which you already know (A Little Tykes truck would not fit in there, now would it?) That relative you see once a year tells you for the umpteenth time na pumayat ka. By then, you get paranoid and think that maybe you are anorexic and just do not know it. Or perhaps you have an undiagnosed cancer. But after consulting the weighing scale you figure out that the person just did not have anything else to say and it would be boring to talk about the weather on Christmas day. Whoa, did that just rhyme? Dr Seuss!

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