Monday, December 31, 2018

Rainbow's Sunset


Senator Ramon Estrella (Eddie Garcia) receives a lifetime achievement award from his high school. He gives a humorous speech thanking his wife Sylvia (Gloria Romero) and long-time friend Alfredo (Tony Mabesa). The inclusion of the latter makes the politician’s children uneasy. Emman (Tirso Cruz III), the eldest, knows that the two have been in a homosexual relationship for the longest time. Georgina (Aiko Melendez) thinks that her father’s decision to come out will hurt her chances in the local political scene. The youngest, Marife (Sunshine Dizon), is the liberal thinker of the three and believes that Philippine society is ready for such tradition-breaking revelations. When Alfredo undergoes operation and is consequently put on bedrest, Ramon moves out of the family home to live with his ill lover. Fighting for their mother as well as the family’s reputation, the three devise ways to break the two apart. Amidst their personal dramas, the family also starts to fall apart, leaving Ramon torn between love and familial duties.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Girl in the Orange Dress


After a night of drunken stupor, Anna Villegas (Jessy Mendiola) wakes up in a hotel room in bed next to a naked man she does not know. Tiptoeing to find her way out, she fails to escape. Being told that she won’t be able to get out of the hotel, she recognizes the guy as Asian superstar Rye del Rosario (Jericho Rosales). Filling her in about what really happened, he informs her that the media has seen him check into that hotel with a mysterious girl in an orange dress, which has resulted in a media frenzy. After breakfast, they hatch different plans to sneak her out of the hotel by borrowing clothes from other guests, but the paparazzi prove to be hungry for a scoop and are always one step ahead. Weighing their options, they chat some more about their lives and realize that they might have something in common after all.

Sunday, December 16, 2018



1970, Mexico City. Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) works as a live-in house help in an affluent family with four children in Mexico City’s neighborhood of Roma. Aside from taking care of household chores, she and another maid, also of indigenous origin, are in charge of being the kids’ nannies 24/7 as well. The matriarch, Sofia (Marina de Tavira) is about to separate with her husband Antonio (Fernando Grediaga), whose infidelity she conceals from the children by making up excuses of him attending conferences in Canada. When Cleo is knocked up by her boyfriend Fermín (Jorge Antonio Guerrero), he disappears and makes it clear that he does not want any responsibility for the unborn child. Preoccupied with her situation, she decides to tell her boss about her dilemma, which couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time given the family’s problems as well as brewing political unrest in the streets of the capital.

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