Friday, April 16, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 5

5. Truth
Sam and Bucky corner Walker in an empty warehouse and try to talk him into coming clean. Their efforts are met in vain, but the duo manage to disarm him after a brutal fight. The Falcon ends up with damaged wings while Walker is decommissioned and stripped of his retirement benefits and titles, that of Captain America included. A woman approaches him after his dishonorable discharge and introduces herself as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), hinting at a future collaboration as an agent outside the law. Bucky tracks Baron Zemo in Sokovia but instead of killing him, he surrenders him to the Dora Milaje. Sam returns to the south and brings Steve’s shield with him after a failed attempt to convince Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) to take it. He tells him that the world will never allow a black man to be Captain America. Bucky drops by to give Sam a piece of tech from Wakanda. The Flag Smashers team up with Georges Batroc (Georges St-Pierre) to bring down GRC in NYC. Walker crafts his own shield.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thunder Force


A galactic incident in the 80’s triggers a mutation in the human genome leading some earthlings to develop superpowers. Among them are the villainous Miscreants who use their abilities to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting population. Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) loses her parents when she was young to a Miscreant attack and vows to continue what they started, a genome project that could give ordinary humans special abilities. Her estranged high school best friend Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) pays her laboratory a visit on the night of their high school reunion and accidentally injects herself with the serum for super strength. Emily then takes her pills for invisibility. As the two begin to train and revive their lost friendship, they form a superhero duo called Thunder Force to serve as Chicago’s defenders against Miscreants such as The Crab (Jason Bateman) and Laser (Pom Klementieff).

Friday, April 9, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 4

4. The Whole World Is Watching
Ayo gives Bucky an ultimatum: eight hours before the Dora Milaje steps in to arrest Zemo. The three go out to investigate Morgenthau’s location. It doesn’t take long before Walker & Hoskins arrive in Riga to rendezvous with the trio. Sam tries to talk Karli out of her violent ways, but an impatient John intervenes, leading to a chase. Zemo wounds Karli with a gunshot and smashes the remaining super soldier vials that she drops along the way, before being knocked out himself by John via Cap’s shield. Surveying the scene, he finds a single vial left intact and pockets it. They all meet up at the trio’s lodgings where they are ambushed by the Dora Milaje. Amidst the royal rumble, the baron escapes. With the help of Sharon through remote tracking from Madripoor, Sam, Bucky, John, Lemar, and Karli & Co. end up in a free-for-all combat culminating with Lemar presumably fatally wounded as he is sent crashing against a pillar. In a fit of rage, John runs after Karli’s friend and murders him with Cap’s shield in broad daylight for all the world to see.

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 3

3. Power Broker
As John Walker and Lemar Hoskins trail Karli Morgenthau in Munich, Sam and Bucky head to Berlin to break Zemo out of jail. Surprised that the guy is actually filthy rich, the duo ride along in his private jet en route to Madripoor, an affluent island-nation in the Strait of Malacca that harbors a plethora of illicit activity. After a meeting with an informant goes awry, the trio are rescued by Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) who now enjoys a lucrative life in exile there trading counterfeit paintings after the fallout of her illegally aiding the Avengers during Civil War. They are led to a German scientist who claims that he has been funded by the Power Broker to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, of which he was able to manufacture 20 that Morgenthau and friends stole. Discovering that the enemy is in Riga, Zemo, Sam, and Bucky travel to the Baltic city for more intel. While Zemo and Sam enter a building, Bucky excuses himself after seeing some Wakanda tech on the street and is led to Ayo (Florence Kasumba), who has come for Zemo’s head.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Dito at Doon


Len (Janine Gutierrez) mulls over her time during community quarantine by committing her thoughts on her social media channels. Bored and wondering when things will go back to normal, she attracts the ire of some netizens who believe that her rants are coming from a place of privilege which not everyone gets to enjoy. One of the commenters is Caloy (JC Santos) who engages in a word war with her, arguing that for essential workers like him, it is not really an issue of choice but rather survival. As she logs in again, the two of them meet once more by virtue of their common friends via video chat. Their debate rages on but soon they make amends and become internet buddies, calling one another to share their daily lives on lockdown and even developing some degree of infatuation. But can a blossoming online relationship transition smoothly offline once the pandemic becomes a thing of the past?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong

For half a decade after defeating Ghidorah, Godzilla has lived a peaceful existence until he suddenly attacks an APEX facility in Pensacola, Florida. The incident prompts mankind to no longer consider the titan as a human ally, but Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) believes that the attack must have been provoked. She teams up with ex-APEX Cybernetics technician and conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) to investigate what is hidden in the confines of the destroyed lab. Meanwhile, Monarch geologist Dr. Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) receives the support of APEX Cybernetics CEO Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir) to further delve into his Hollow Earth Theory. He wants them to lead King Kong, who now inhabits a domed habitat on Skull Island, to a Hollow Earth entry point so they can retrieve a new power source the world has never seen. Monarch anthropologist Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) is hesitant to help but is convinced by the potential of the discovery. En route to their destination, Godzilla emerges from the deep to challenge King Kong as the last remaining alpha on the planet.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Father

Anne (Olivia Colman) rushes home to visit her father Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), who now lives alone after an altercation with his caregiver. He rants about random stuff such as accusing his former nurse of stealing his watch, only to remember having hidden the same watch in his cupboard a few moments later. She explains her plans of moving to Paris after meeting a guy and floats the idea of his father residing in a nursing home, to which he vehemently disagrees. After Anne leaves for the day, Anthony finds a strange man sitting on his couch, who claims to be Paul (Mark Gatiss), Anne’s husband. The two have a heated exchange prompting the husband to call his wife on the phone. As the doorbell rings, Anne (Olivia Williams) comes in with roasted chicken in hand for dinner, but Anthony does not recognize her at all. Soon, Anne invites a new caregiver over, Laura (Imogen Poots), who Anthony thinks resembles his other daughter Lucy, who no longer comes over to visit. Later that night, Anthony finds another Paul (Rufus Sewell) in his flat, prompting him to think that something fishy is going on.

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 2

2. The Star-Spangled Man
John Walker (Wyatt Russell) is hesitant to be the new Captain America but understands that it is now part of his job. Bucky pays Sam a visit and berates him for giving up the shield to the government. En route to a mission in Germany, he lets him tag along as they trail the Flag-Smashers in Munich. After crates of smuggled medicine are loaded to a truck, a chase scene ensues. Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman), who Bucky thought was a hostage, sends him flying out of the truck with a kick, revealing her enhanced strength. As the Falcon and the Winter Soldier are almost outfought, the new Captain America enters the fray along with his sidekick Lemar “Battlestar” Hoskins (Clé Bennett). Mutual animosity squashes the prospect of the quartet working together as a team. Thinking that super soldiers are somehow involved, Bucky takes Sam to Baltimore to meet an African American ex-super soldier who is unwilling to help. Left with no choice, the duo decides that the only guy who can help them is Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl).

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 1

1. New World Order
Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) try to make sense of their new reality post-blip. The former keeps himself busy collaborating with the US Air Force in hunting down terrorist groups without compromising international relations. The latter attends therapy sessions and tries to make amends with the many wrongs of his Winter Soldier past but finds it quite difficult to do. The Falcon is given Captain America’s mantle but feels that the shoes are too big for him to fill. He surrenders the shield to the government to be put on display at the Smithsonian along with other Captain America legacy items. He goes back home to Louisiana and confronts some family issues with his sister who financially struggled during the 5 years of the blip. He gets constant intel from Air Force member Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) who is investigating a terrorist group called Flag Smashers in Europe. A new Captain America donning Steve’s shield is introduced to the public by the Department of Defense.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Love or Money


Leon (Coco Martin) and Angel (Angelica Panganiban) end up having a one night stand the very same night she catches her boyfriend dining with a pregnant woman at the restaurant where he works. She disappears the next morning never to be seen again, until the two of them cross paths again in Dubai three years later. Now driving a Ferrari and headlining her own events company, Angel is the mistress and soon-to-be wife of a possessive dirty old man. Leon, on the other hand, is still trying to make ends meet as he juggles several jobs to send money back home. Sparks fly and old flames are rekindled, but their differences when it comes to priorities in life do not guarantee a smooth-sailing relationship. As her soon-to-be husband’s divorce is finalized meaning she will no longer be a mistress, she is forced to choose between love or money.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon


In the land of Kumandra people lived in harmony with dragons until the Druun arrived, a dark plague that left everyone calcified as stone in its wake. The last dragons make a sacrifice and conjure a dragon stone to vanquish the Druun for good. As everyone is brought back to life, the tribes begin to quarrel over the magical orb, eventually leading to it breaking into five pieces centuries later. Each of the five tribes steals a piece: Talon survives by building their stilt houses on water, the Druun’s weakness; Tail, with no water defenses, is now a desert wasteland; Spine is left with one living inhabitant, a warrior giant named Tong (Benedict Wong); Fang flourishes thanks to its strategic location surrounded by natural water canals, led by chief Virana (Sandra Oh) and her daughter Namaari (Gemma Chan); Heart, the original protector of the remnant, is now in ruins, its heiress Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) intent on recovering all the pieces to bring her father Chief Benja (Daniel Dae Kim) back to life. Living under constant threat from the Druun, they must work together to summon Sisudatu (Awkwafina), the last dragon and their last hope.

Friday, March 5, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 9

9. The Series Finale
The showdown between Wanda and Agnes turns into a royal rumble with the arrival of both Vision and White Vision. As Agnes summons the Darkhold and frees the people of Westview from Wanda’s grip, she reasons with her to let them go. Vision talks White Vision out of their fight and restores his memories via back-up data. Hayward’s agents storm the town but are held back by the twins. Monica breaks out of fake Pietro’s house as she frees him from Agnes’ magic. As the hex starts to recede, Wanda fully transforms into the Scarlet Witch to subdue Agatha who still wants all her powers. Agatha is then hexed to play the role of the nosy neighbor for life. The family returns home, and the kids are “put to bed” as Wanda bids Vision farewell. As reality is restored, Wanda says goodbye to Monica, who is led to an empty theater by a Skrull disguised as an FBI agent. Wanda leaves Westview and settles alone in an alpine cabin somewhere. As she magically flips through the pages of the Darkhold, she hears the voice of her twins crying out for help.

Saturday, February 27, 2021


First generation immigrants Jacob (Steven Yeun) and Monica (Han Ye-Ri) decide to move from California to Arkansas. After years of chick sexing, he invests their savings in a plot of land he intends to turn into a farm growing Korean produce. She is not so comfortable with the idea of relocating to a small town, even more so with the delicate heart condition of their young son David (Alan Kim). Faced with lack of water supply, tornado warnings, and a shift to a more conservative society, their new life is not without its challenges. It is a good thing that her mother Soon-Ja (Youn Yuh-Jung) finally follows them to the US and helps in raising the children. She brings with her some goodies and treats from the homeland, including Minari seeds which she plants in a small plot of land by the creek. The family must try hard to reconcile their traditional Korean upbringing with the conventional values of middle America.

Friday, February 26, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 8

8. Previously On
Salem, 1693. Agatha Harkness is accused by her coven of dabbling in dark magic beyond her control. As they attempt to subdue her for good, she proves to be more powerful than all of them and sashays her way down from the stake. She is curious as to how Wanda has been able to create her own make-believe world from scratch and uses her twins as leverage for a trip down memory lane: her childhood in Sokovia and the death of her parents; joining Hydra’s experiments as a revenge plot; her feeling of isolation and despair after the death of all those close to her. When she tries to retrieve Vision’s body at SWORD’s headquarters, she receives a title deed for a plot of land in Westview, NJ which is when she moves in and spontaneously crafts the town after all the sitcoms she used to watch growing up. A confrontation between the two witches ensues as Agatha takes Wanda’s kids hostage. At the makeshift SWORD base, Hayward watches in awe as Vision's body, now all white, is brought to life by traces of Wanda’s chaos magic.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Care a Lot

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) cares a lot. She cares so much that she actually makes a living out of it. Maneuvering the justice system to award her legal guardianship of the elderly and the retired, she locks them up in nursing homes as she drains them of their wealth and possessions. With the help of her girl Friday and lover Fran (Eiza González), the two are unstoppable, but are about to stumble upon their biggest prospect yet. Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest) is retired, without family, and owns a portfolio of lucrative investments. The pair easily manage to force her into Berkshire Oaks. However, things get complicated when they find out the hard way that Jennifer Peterson is not who she really claims to be, as the duo are caught in the crosshairs of ex-Russian Mafia Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage) who will not stop until he gets back what they took from him.

Friday, February 19, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 7

7. Breaking the Fourth Wall
In the aftermath of Halloween, Wanda gets help from Agnes to take care of the twins as she enjoys some me-time. Her control over the hex is starting to crumble as evidenced by the constant glitching of furniture in her house. Vision finds Darcy at the circus of now hex-integrated SWORD agents, frees her from mind control, and gets to catch up with prior events he has no recollection of. Monica and Jimmy rendezvous with some loyal SWORD agents who repurpose a space rover to penetrate the hex but it proves ineffective against Wanda’s powers. Frustrated, Monica runs through the barrier and forces herself into the energy field. As she emerges on the other side, her eyes glow blue and sees the town through a spectrum of multicolored light rays. She confronts Wanda, but Agnes intervenes and ushers her to her house. There, Wanda discovers a sanctum in the basement overrun by tree roots. Eyes glowing purple, Agnes reveals that she is Agatha Harkness and that Wanda is not the only magical girl in town.

Friday, February 12, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 6

6. All-New Halloween Spooktacular!
With Pietro now in the mix, the Maximoffs dress up for Halloween. Vision dons his own costume but uses the Neighborhood Watch as an excuse to further investigate. SWORD acting director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) wants to attack Westview to take out Wanda. Monica disagrees and is booted out of the operation. She and Jimmy disarm some SWORD agents and go on diguise while Darcy hacks SWORD's server and finds Monica's lab results, warning her that the hex is altering her cell composition. Darcy is left behind as Monica and Jimmy rendezvous with her engineer friend. Vision finds a catatonic Agnes in her car at Ellis Avenue, the border of Wanda's hex. She exclaims that he's an Avenger and that he's dead, but he doesn't remember. He heads to the force field and tries to get out as Hayward waits on the other side. As Vision starts to disintegrate, Billy senses his father's dilemma and prompts Wanda to extend the border of her hex to save him, integrating Darcy and majority of the SWORD agents into it along the way.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Malcolm & Marie


Writer/Director Malcolm Elliott (John David Washington) is ecstatic over his movie premiere and impatiently awaits the first set of reviews from critics. His anxiety is exacerbated by girlfriend Marie Jones’ (Zendaya) aloof demeanor coming home from the event, with an impending lovers’ quarrel lurking in the horizon. The two spend the night reflecting about his film career, her past struggles with drug addiction, as well as the ever-changing dynamics of their complicated relationship. She is disappointed because he does not thank her in his speech despite her life story being the basis of his now successful cinematic debut. She also has qualms about his decision to sideline her in the casting process, thinking that she would have been the perfect reel embodiment of her real-life story. As they go further into the night and in between makeshift macaroni and cheese dinner servings, the couple evaluate the status of their future as a pair.

Friday, February 5, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 5

5. On a Very Special Episode...
Sleep-deprived after days of their twin babies crying non-stop, Wanda and Vision get help from ever-dependable neighbor Agnes, but Billy and Tommy appear to have everything under control as they age themselves twice to 5 and 10 years old. Vision starts to notice how everything seems strange in Westview and gets intel from an officemate as he temporarily frees him from Wanda’s mind control. As Monica recovers and SWORD attempts to infiltrate the town with another drone, Wanda breaks character, barges out of the energy field, and directly threatens everyone at the perimeter warning them to leave her alone. An earlier footage reveals she broke into SWORD’s headquarters nine days prior to steal Vision’s body. With Vision slowly gaining consciousness outside his sitcom existence, husband and wife argue but are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Answering the door, Wanda is surprised to see Quicksilver (Evan Peters) standing there giving her a big hug.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Midnight in a Perfect World


Sometime in the near future, Manila is considered by many as almost-utopia, but not without its fair share of urban legends. With an overreaching curfew in place, certain parts of the city regularly experience an electrical blackout right after midnight, followed by the disappearance of some people never to be seen or heard of ever again. Buddies Jinka (Glaiza de Castro) and Tonichi (Dino Pastrano) are just leaving the residence of their drug dealer when they see a gang of goons enter the compound. The duo rendezvous with two other friends, Mimi (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and nurse Glenn (Anthony Falcon), when the streetlights start to go off around them. Rattled, the group searches for one of Manila’s safe houses for refuge and to avoid being detained, at least until the next morning. As Jinka, Mimi, and Glenn find themselves in a safe house with a mysterious woman named Alma (Bing Pimentel), they notice that their friend Tonichi is nowhere to be found.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Yellow Rose


A Filipino American teenager from a small-town in Texas lives a rather sheltered existence. Her mother Priscilla (Princess Punzalan) is very strict and won’t give her the liberty other teens get to enjoy. But Rose Garcia (Eva Noblezada) has big dreams of making it in the country music scene. Armed with her guitar and sweet voice, she writes songs that reflect her struggles and current reality. When her friend Elliot (Liam Booth) invites her to Austin to watch country legend Dale Watson (Dale Watson) perform, she jumps at the opportunity, much to her mother’s hesitation. A night of music and drinking ends in a tragic note as they end their long drive back home to a scene she never thought would happen to them – that of her mother being dragged by immigration into a van en route to a detention facility for undocumented migrants. Faced with a new dilemma, she must now decide whether to go back to Manila or continue chasing her American Dream.

Friday, January 29, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 4

4. We Interrupt This Program
A disoriented Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) re-forms in a hospital post-blip, searches for her mother, and finds out she died years ago right after her disappearance. She gets reinstated in her position at SWORD (Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division), her first mission being that of a missing person who fled to a town in New Jersey called Westview. There she meets FBI officer Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), who has been briefed that the town didn’t exist prior and just popped up out of nowhere just recently. When Monica is sucked into the force field enveloping the town, her colleagues call for backup from various fields. One of them is astrophysicist Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), who detects broadcast signals from the town coming from a sitcom called WandaVision, starring Avenger Wanda Maximoff and android Vision, who died in Infinity War. As they try to send radio signals to contact Wanda, “Geraldine” is ejected from the village and crash lands on their base.

Friday, January 22, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 3

3. Now in Color
A pregnancy that should have taken months lasts barely a day. As Vision rushes to fetch the doctor for the childbirth, Geraldine drops by unannounced for a chitchat. Wanda attempts to hide her baby bump but is forced to reveal it as she prematurely goes into labor. With Geraldine’s help she gives birth to a baby boy she names Tommy, just as Vision and the doctor arrive. A few minutes later she goes into labor again and welcomes a second child, Billy. As she adores her newborn sons, she remembers her own twin Pietro, whom Geraldine tells her was killed by Ultron. As Wanda confronts her about what she just said, she notices her sword pendant. Outside the house, the neighbors try in vain to tell Vision something, but simply can’t. Just outside Westview, a breach in the sky opens through which a flying Geraldine is expelled. As she lands on a field, helicopters and patrol vans rush to the scene, revealing a perimeter set by the entrance of a small town seemingly confined in a magical bubble they are trying to penetrate.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 2

2. Don't Touch That Dial
Wanda and Vision prepare a magic skit for the town’s Talent Show to better fit in at Westview. She befriends neighbor Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) and tries to win the approval of queen bee of suburbia, Dottie Jones (Emma Caulfield Ford), but a freak accident with a radio calling out her name and asking who is doing “this” to her ends up with bloody hands. Earlier that day, Wanda finds a toy helicopter in the front yard, its red/yellow motif sticking out like a sore thumb in the predominantly black and white environment. Vision tries some chewing gum at the boys’ neighborhood watch meeting, causing his inner mechanism to malfunction. Seemingly drunk, he unwittingly reveals his abilities at the talent show, but is deflected and hidden by Wanda’s own powers. As they get home, Wanda grows a baby bump out of nowhere. The two hear a noise outside and find a beekeeper in white emerging from a manhole. Wanda says NO and rewinds to the baby bump moment, as they start to transition from black and white to full color.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 1

1. Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience
Newlyweds Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) move to a nice suburban home. He now works for a computational company, touted by his colleagues as responsible for 300% increase in productivity. They liken him to a machine that gets the job done quickly. He vehemently disagrees instead of taking it as a compliment. The two prepare for an event marked with a heart on their calendar, not really knowing what it is. She thinks it’s their anniversary, but he later discovers that it’s a dinner date at their home with his boss and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hart. With the help of nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), Wanda prepares a dinner in vain but manages to pull through. As the dinner small talk begins, the couple is grilled with probing questions about their marriage, to which neither of them has any answers. As the duo celebrate the success of their first house party, the screen zooms out, revealing that the two are literally starring in a television sitcom being watched by an unknown individual holding a remote in a control room.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Promising Young Woman


Cassandra Thomas (Carey Mulligan) is someone many considered to be a promising young woman. Being one of the best students in med school, everyone expected her to graduate on top of her class and become a doctor. That changed when an unfortunate incident led to her dropping out. Flash forward seven years later, she now works at a coffee shop and still resides with her parents who are starting to get concerned about her future. She also frequents bars on a weekly basis pretending to be too drunk to function and waiting for a nice guy to take her home, many of whom end up trying to take advantage of her. Her modus operandi and raison d’être are put to the test with the arrival of Dr. Ryan Cooper (Bo Burnham), a classmate of hers back in the day who is keen on dating her now. Will she take a detour or continue dwelling on the past and carry on with her revenge plot?

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Locked Down


Couple Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are way past their honeymoon stage and are ready to go their separate ways, except that they can’t because of the current lockdowns imposed in London. The two are forced to cohabitate despite their newfound animosity for one another. She is the CEO of Miracore in the United Kingdom and has just been asked to fire her entire team due to redundancy. He has been recently furloughed due to the pandemic but is being asked to report to work again due to manpower shortage. Prompted by the current circumstances, the two are forced to reevaluate their lives. She is tasked to retrieve a £3 Million diamond at display at Harrods and it so happens that he is the assigned van driver from the freight company handling its transport. With protocols breached and security less stringent because of the pandemic, they realize that their chances of stealing the diamond and getting away with it is much higher than they actually thought.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Pieces of a Woman


Newlyweds Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and Sean (Shia LaBeouf) are expecting their first child together, a daughter they plan to name Yvette. He hails from Seattle and works in construction, his current project being a bridge he plans to complete with his team just in time for his daughter’s birth. She comes from a family of three women from Massachusetts and always seems to be in loggerheads with her mother Elizabeth (Ellen Burstyn), who does not really approve of her husband. Excited to be a grandmother, she buys the couple a minivan, much to his chagrin. As Martha goes into labor, Sean calls the midwife assigned to them to assist in the birth, except that she has an emergency and is not available that night. Enter Eva (Molly Parker), another midwife they barely know yet have no choice but to trust. As what is supposed to be the happiest moment of their lives becomes their worst nightmare, the pair tries to piece together what remains of their broken family.

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