Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Moon Knight: Episode 5

5. Asylum
Taweret breaks the news to Marc/Steven that they are actually quite dead and that her ship en route to the gates of Osiris is usually visualized by the deceased as something familiar to them. In the case of Marc/Steven, it’s an asylum. Their hearts are weighed and fail to achieve the balance required for them to enter paradise. Taweret suggests they go back in and process their memories in an effort to correctly tip the scales. Steven takes a trip down memory lane and finds out the hard way how he, as an alternate personality, has been created by Marc as a defense mechanism for the childhood trauma he had to endure after being blamed for the accidental death of his younger brother and consequently getting abused verbally and physically by his mother. Marc/Steven forgive one another. Their scales are finally balanced, but not until they are attacked by the ghosts of their past, dragging Steven down with them on the sand. Marc wakes up in a field of reeds, the equivalent of paradise in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Lost City


Best-selling author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) is not really suffering from writer’s block per se, but rather just finding it hard to finish the latest installment of her successful romance-adventure novels because she’s emotionally drained. Another thing she dreads is doing the round of promotional tours with Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum), the cover model who gets a rabid fanbase of women lusting over him as the book’s fictional hero Dash McMahon. After storming out of the venue, she gets kidnapped by a pair of thugs under the command of eccentric billionaire Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) who claims to have discovered the lost city of D being referred to in Loretta’s books. He also believes that she is the only one who can help him decipher the location of a treasure called the Crown of Fire. Finding no help from the authorities, her publicist Allison (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) and Alan seek the help of retired navy seal and soldier extraordinaire Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt) who promises to rescue and bring the writer back within 48 hours.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Heartstopper: Episode 8

8. Boyfriend
Harry gets suspended. Charlie blames himself for all the fallout, quits the rugby team, and starts avoiding Nick. The Truman-Higgs Sports Day comes, and Elle gets to visit her old school, making peace with her past. Tao and Charlie make amends after the latter runs the 200-meter dash for the former, easily beating Ben at his pet event. He puts his ex-flame in his place and warns not to subject him to emotional blackmail again. Nick competes in the red-versus-blue rugby game but abandons the match halfway as he sees Charlie in the crowd. He runs towards him and whisks him away to one of the corridors where he declares his love for him. The two officially become a couple after Nick takes Charlie to the beach one weekend where they finally have their first date. As Nick returns home, he musters the courage to sit down and talk to his mom, effectively coming out as bisexual to her and revealing his relationship with Charlie. Sarah is happy for her son and apologizes in case she made him feel as though he couldn’t tell her that before.

Heartstopper: Episode 7

7. Bully
It’s Charlie’s turn to meet Nick’s rugby friends at the cinema to which he initially agrees after assurance from him that Ben and Harry won’t be there. The duo are surprised when the two turn up. The movie viewing experience itself goes well but the bullying occurs right after, as expected, which causes Charlie to leave early. He is ambushed at the parking lot by Ben in a jealous rage, but he just shrugs off his insults because he is already so used to it. Nick gets in a fistfight with Harry over the incident and ends up with a blackeye. Tao finds out from Elle that he is the last one in their circle of friends to know about Nick and Charlie dating. She also admits that Harry was transphobic towards her before she transferred schools. With Harry persistent in bullying him as well, Tao takes out all his frustrations on him and the two duke it out at the school yard. Charlie is at the verge of breaking up with Nick because he blames himself for making his life difficult but is interrupted by some random kid’s announcement of the brawl.

Heartstopper: Episode 6

6. Girls
Nick and his mom settle for Pirates of the Caribbean for film night, and she teases him about his childhood crush on Keira Knightley, which leads him to explore the possibility of being bisexual. He finds new allies in Tara and Darcy as he runs into them at the rehearsals of a concert which also involves Charlie. The lesbian couple are the first friends to whom he admits that he's dating Charlie and he feels proud about it. The three decide to organize a triple date before the concert starts in an effort to also set Tao and Elle up after she admits to Tara and Darcy that she has a crush on him. She does not take their meddling lightly and berates the two for endangering her friendship with Tao, which she believes to be of more importance than the crush she is harboring on him. However, she is ecstatic after Nick and Charlie reveal their dating status to her. Tara finds it hard to deal with the stigma she is facing after coming out on Instagram, but Darcy reassures her that she is just there for emotional support.

Heartstopper: Episode 5

5. Friend
Charlie invites Nick to his birthday weekend hangout at the bowling alley despite Tao not totally approving the idea. Nick is welcomed at the venue without issues by Elle and Isaac, but he later overhears Tao arguing with Charlie in the bathroom about his being friends with him. He also tells his friend about Nick agreeing to go out on a date with Imogen. Nick comes clean to Charlie about it, tells him how Imogen’s dog died and how he feels bad for her as well as his inability to say no. He gives Charlie a handmade frame with a photo of their snowy day on it, which Charlie adores. Initially hesitant because they are in public, the pair share a kiss and spend the rest of the night having a good time at the arcade. Nick apologizes to Imogen for not going to their date but meets her the next day to explain. He ends up with an explanation that gets close to a revelation of his sexual orientation. Though confused, Imogen seems to take the hint and accepts her newfound fate at the friendzone. She defends Nick from all the teasing of his rugby bros the following day.

Heartstopper: Episode 4

4. Secret
Charlie apologizes to Nick for kissing him and goes on a verbal diarrhea about not wanting to lose him as a friend for doing something stupid, blah blah blah. Nick kisses him and confesses that he is having a full-on gay crisis and asks him a favor of keeping their thing a secret from everyone for now. Tara and Darcy deal with the repercussions and rumors at school now that their relationship is out in the open. The rugby boys are to battle it out with a much mature team, causing them to zero in on Charlie and his non-existent tackling skills. The whole gang go to the venue for full support on game day where Charlie is introduced by Elle to Tara and Darcy, the latter immediately getting comfy with her new gay friend and teasing him and Nick. Charlie gets injured as a sudden downpour bogs the game down. Nick wants to rush to his side but won’t in fear of revealing their budding relationship. He comforts him at the clinic later on, but Isaac walks in on them. Imogen asks Nick out on a date, to which he reluctantly agrees due to peer pressure.

Heartstopper: Episode 3

3. Kiss
Nick’s Buzzfeed quiz reveals he is 62% homosexual. He gets invited to his bully friend Harry’s (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) 16th birthday party. Imogen (Rhea Norwood), who has had a crush on him since forever, tells him to invite her to the party, which he does. However, he also invites Charlie later on, with whom he spends most of his time at the venue. The rugby friends interrupt and prod him to pursue Tara, who is also invited to the event. The two talk and she reveals to him that she is a lesbian and that Darcy is her girlfriend. The couple dance and kiss on the dance floor, in effect declaring their relationship to everyone. Inspired by their openness, Nick decides to find Charlie, who runs into Ben and brazenly dismisses his apology. The two boys find each other and retreat to an empty hall where Charlie begins to pry. A hesitant Nick beats around the bush, but the two eventually end up locking lips. Twice. As the bullies interrupt the moment, Charlie goes home heartbroken. The next day, he finds Nick at his front door soaking under the rain.

Heartstopper: Episode 2

2. Crush
Elle finally makes friends at her new school with Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) who turn out to be in a secret lesbian relationship. In a flashback, Ben introduces himself to Charlie at school, calls him brave for coming out, then starts flirting with him. Nick and Charlie talk about the incident on Insta and begin to spend more time together, like that weekend at Nick’s house where he introduces him to his dog Nellie and they have a fun time under the snow, or that weekend at Charlie’s house where he teaches Nick how to play the drums. As Charlie falls asleep watching TV, Nick feels drawn to holding his hand, refuses, then gives him a long hug before leaving, prompting Charlie’s sister Tori (Jenny Walser) to blurt out her observation that Nick does not seem to be straight. Even Nick’s mother Sarah (Olivia Colman) notices how her son is different when he is with his new friend. Confused about his feelings, Nick turns his MacBook on and Googles “Am I gay?”.

Heartstopper: Episode 1

1. Meet
Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) comes back to school post-winter break after being outed as gay and bullied for much of the previous year. He regularly meets closeted schoolmate Ben (Sebastian Croft) at random secluded spots on campus to make out, but Ben is adamant that their fling should remain a secret and even denies knowing Charlie whenever he greets him at the corridors. Charlie is assigned a seat in class next to Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), the popular rugby player who invites him to join the team after seeing him sprint fast during PE. Charlie reluctantly agrees and slowly develops a crush on his new acquaintance, something his overprotective friend Tao (William Gao) warns him about because Nick is obviously straight. Together with their introvert friend Isaac (Tobie Donovan), they reminisce their time together with their friend Elle (Yasmin Finney) who was forced to transfer schools after coming out as transgender. Charlie breaks up with Ben after seeing him kiss a girl. As a heated altercation ensues, Nick steps in and saves his seatmate.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Moon Knight: Episode 4

4. The Tomb
With Khonshu in absentia, Layla and Steven/Marc have to go on their own to find Ammit’s tomb. They are separated by the attack of a mummy who has been giving Harrow’s men a tough time at the venue. Harrow stumbles upon Layla and drops some hints about Marc’s involvement in her father’s death. Steven finds the tomb which turns out to be that of Alexander the Great, who is revealed to have been Ammit’s last avatar. He finds the goddess’ ushabti in his skeleton as Layla rendezvous with him, their confrontation being cut short by the arrival of Harrow and his men. With neither Khonshu nor the suit at his disposal, Marc is shot twice in the chest, his body plunging down a pool as a hidden Layla watches in terror. He then wakes up in an asylum managed by Harrow’s men with Harrow himself being his psychiatrist. Marc finds Steven trapped in a sarcophagus and frees him. As they try to escape, they are greeted by the Egyptian hippo goddess Taweret (Antonia Salib) at the door.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Moon Knight: Episode 3

3. The Friendly Type
Layla fakes an Egyptian passport and follows Marc to Cairo, where he always falls one step behind Harrow, who has already located Ammit’s tomb via the scarab beetle. Marc convinces Khonshu to get the upper tier pantheon of Egyptian gods to interfere through a trial via their own avatars inside the Pyramid of Giza, where they declare Harrow’s innocence. The Marc/Khonshu tandem gets unexpected sympathy and aid from Yatzil (Diana Bermudez), the avatar of the goddess Hathor, who points them towards the direction of a sarcophagus that contains clues to the tomb’s location. Marc/Steven and Layla team-up and end up at the compound of antiquities collector Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel), where they manage to retrieve the pieces of cloth mapping out a constellation, but not until after some violence brought about by Harrow’s arrival. Khonshu uses his last trick of realigning the night sky to what it was 2000 years ago, leading to Layla pinpointing the exact coordinates before he is banished in stone by the pantheon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Moon Knight: Episode 2

2. Summon the Suit
Steven Grant is sacked from his job after footage of him fighting an invisible enemy at the museum is dismissed as a plea for psychiatric help. He then discovers a storage room with a stashed bag full of money, an American passport in Marc Spector’s name, and a flying scarab beetle, as Marc demands that he relinquishes control of the host body to him. He then casually runs into Layla (May Calamawy), an Egyptian adventurer who introduces herself as the soon-to-be-divorced wife of Marc Spector. As Steven is kidnapped by Harrow and his men, the latter shows the former how his cult operates and highlights the difference between the brand of justice that Khonshu (Karim El Hakim/F. Murray Abraham) and Ammit espouse. He also reveals that he used to be Khonshu’s Avatar and that the Egyptian god is a liar. A ruckus ensues allowing a new personality, Mr. Knight, to surface. Harrow gains possession of the scarab beetle necessary to resurrect Ammit. Marc is taken by Khonshu to Egypt for a preemptive strike.

Friday, April 1, 2022

The Eyes of Tammy Faye


Ever since she was young, Tammy Faye (Jessica Chastain) has always had a knack for theatrics and performing, something that will come handy one day as she decides to tread the path of a servant of the lord. Her passion is further fueled when she meets charismatic pastor-wannabe Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield) at bible college. The two hit it off right away and embark on a tour of the Midwest as husband and wife, him preaching and her singing. Capitalizing on children as their primary audience, the duo soon catches the attention of Catholic television bigwigs and soon enough they are headlining their own religious talk show in a broadcast seen all over the country. As their popularity and ambitions soar, they soon find themselves founding their own religious TV network. As cash and devotees pour in, so do their problems. Up to what point can you really exploit the word of God for personal gain?

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