Friday, July 31, 2020

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 20

20. The End of Something
Vanya’s psychic link to Harlan prompts her to drive back to the farm to help him. Initially hesitant, her siblings join her. Lila and The Handler arrive with The Commission’s entire army of assassins. Vanya eventually takes them all out with her powers, but Lila and The Handler are saved by a force field similar to hers protecting them. And then Lila attacks and reveals her ability to mimic everybody’s powers, one at a time. After a free-for-all melee, the truth about The Handler, who is now trying to kidnap Harlan, comes to light. Before anyone can react, she open fires on all of them before the last remaining Swede shows up to gun her down himself. Five is left barely breathing and remembers Reginald’s advice. He time travels a few minutes back to disarm The Handler before the Swede shoots her and leaves the siblings alone. Now the acting head of the Commission, Herb surveys the scene and gives them a briefcase to bring them back to 2019. They end up on the second of April, a day after the apocalypse, only to find Reginald there alive as well as Ben who is introduced as a member of the Sparrow Academy.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 19

19. 743
With the efforts of Diego, Allison, and Klaus in vain to stop Vanya, Ben steps in to pacify his sister. He is successful but her power incinerates him. For good. On the farm, Harlan also suffers a seizure along with Vanya and later exhibits her power involuntarily, killing Karl in the process. Luther plays referee between the two Fives and the events proceed as they should, with Old Man Five ending up in 2019 in his younger body. With the nuclear holocaust averted, JFK is assassinated as Diego tackles a decoy of their dad at the Grassy Knoll. AJ sends a clue to Herb to find the record for Kill Order 743 and give it to Lila. It is revealed that The Handler greenlit the murder of her parents but using AJ’s stamp and with Old Man Five as the hitman. She manipulates her into believing Five is the enemy, and she prepares for the kill. The Handler gets rid of AJ by swallowing him alive. An angry Reginald confronts the Majestic 12 for JFK’s murder. As they blackmail him, he takes his face off and attacks everyone offcam.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 18

18. The Seven Stages
Five realizes that Older Five (Jim Watson) is also in Dallas in 1963 to make sure that Kennedy gets assassinated before breaking his contract and miscalculating his jump to 2019, where he ends up in his younger body. With Luther’s help, Five meets Older Five and tries to convince him to help them, in the midst of both suffering from the Seven Stages of Paradox Psychosis. The Handler approves training Diego as a new recruit of The Commission, but he immediately betrays them by sneaking into the Infinite Switchboard room where he witnesses JFK’s non-assassination which is replaced by the explosion of the FBI building blamed on the Russians, which in turn triggers the nuclear holocaust. Rebellious analyst Herb (Ken Hall) and a group of The Handler’s non-fans help him get back to 1963 Dallas where he finds Allison and Klaus disposing one of the Swedes’ corpse, tells them about Vanya, and head to the FBI building. Vanya is tortured as a suspected KGB agent and regains all her memories, triggering her powers to go haywire.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 17

17. Öga for Öga
Five time travels to 1982 and singlehandedly assassinates all board members of The Commission except for AJ, whom he hands over to The Handler. She gives him a time travel briefcase, but with a catch: They only have 90 minutes to use it, and not everyone is ready to go. Allison is attacked by the Swedish duo while bidding her husband goodbye. She manages to rumor one to kill the other. Klaus allows Ben to possess his body but under strict conditions. While digging a grave for Elliott, Diego is drugged by Lila -- now the Head of Security at The Commission after The Handler usurps the top position -- and is taken to her office and introduced to her mom as her boyfriend. Vanya is threatened by Karl via emotional blackmail involving Harlan. She hastily convinces Sissy to run away with her after a staredown with Five, but the two women are intercepted by Karl’s brother from the Texas police force. She initially bests the three men with her powers but one catches her unaware and knocks her out cold. The siblings miss their time window and are left stuck in the 60’s.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 16

16. A Light Supper
Allison admits the truth to Ray and they have a field day using her powers for personal benefit and revenge. The plan backfires, though, as he becomes suspicious whether she ever used her powers on him. Klaus tries to do away with his cult, but they latch onto him even stronger than before. Young Dave (Calem MacDonald) pays him a visit informing him about his enlistment to the military earlier than he should’ve, meaning their actions are changing the timeline. The Handler offers Five and his siblings a way back to 2019 if he kills The Commission’s board members for her as a plan for a coup. The siblings meet their father for a light supper, but he is still dismissive despite seeing their powers in action. He advises Five to take baby steps: time travel in seconds or minutes instead of decades. Hopeless, Five accepts The Handler’s offer. She gives the two remaining Swedes the location of Five’s residence. They find Elliott there, torture and murder him, then leave a message in his blood saying “An eye for an eye” in Swedish.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 15

15. Valhalla
A young Pogo is shipped from the Congo and is trained by Grace, after which he is sent to space and suffers from a crash-landing accident. Reginald injects him with a serum to save his life. Lila and The Handler set up at a trap for The Swedes using one of Diego’s knives. One of the three blondes dies as a result and is given a Nordic burial by the other two. The siblings finally reunite at Elliott’s house to discuss the apocalypse. Vanya, Allison, and Klaus get drunk and decide to be truthful to their relationships before the world ends: Vanya with Sissy; Allison with Ray; and Klaus with his cult. Sissy reconciles with Karl, rejecting Vanya’s offer for the two of them to run away after sleeping together that morning. Luther narrates how he took a Greyhound all the way to NYC when he first arrived in Dallas in 1962, only to be humiliated by their father. Lila leads Five into an empty warehouse where the two duke it out, the latter besting the former. The Handler shows up, as he always expected she would.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 14

14. The Majestic 12
London, 1993. A young Lila witnesses the murder of her parents in the hands of The Handler and an unidentified assassin. She takes her in and trains her hard. In 1960, she is told about the Swedes as well as her primary mission of protecting Five at all costs. Vanya returns to the farm after finding out from Luther that she is the reason for the apocalypse. She tries to abandon Sissy and Harlan for their safety, but the latter runs away and almost drowns. Vanya saves him with her powers and later locks lips with his mom. Luther loses his job and, looking for Five, goes to the house of Elliott (Kevin Rankin) who has been helping Five since he arrived. Ray shuns Allison believing she is in cahoots with the police. Klaus returns to his drinking habit after his mission with Dave goes awry. Five, Diego, and Lila attend a party at the Mexican consulate where the Majestic 12, a group their father belongs to, will meet. There Diego meets a human Grace, their father’s date that night, before they are attacked by the three blondes.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 13

13. The Swedish Job
The three blondes that The Commission collectively calls The Swedes (Kris Holden-Ried, Jason Bryden, Tom Sinclair) go after Vanya next but are repelled by the involuntary manifestation of her powers. Five finds her and fills in the gaps in her memory. Allison locates Klaus’ residence, and the siblings catch up. He later uses Ben to get Ray out of prison. Klaus pays his Vietnam War lover’s younger self a visit. Luther tracks Allison through his boss but finds Ray at their house instead and discovers that she is now married. Heartbroken, he lets his opponent beat him up, much to Jack Ruby’s chagrin. Allison and Ray go ahead with their sit-in and stir the pot of racism in Southern Dallas. As things start to escalate and the police gets involved, she is forced to use her powers in front of him, now confused and terrified. Lila nurses Diego back to health, sleeps with him, then sneaks out to go to a hotel room where she meets The Handler, asks if she can order room service, then refers to her as MOM.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 12

12. The Frankel Footage
Waking up from a coma, The Handler returns to work only to find out that she’s been replaced by AJ (Robin Atkin Downes), a talking goldfish. She is demoted to Five’s previous position before his betrayal. Luther is hesitant to help Five, having fully adjusted to his new life as the bodyguard of the gangster who will assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald. He later finds Vanya through Carl (Stephan Bogaert), the husband of Sissy (Marin Ireland) and father of Harlan (Justin Paul Kelly) who take her in. He apologizes to her but refuses to fill in the gaps in her memory. Allison’s husband Ray is arrested and ends up in jail with Klaus who was arrested for stealing a pick-up truck. Five finds Diego and Lila who escape from the asylum. He also discovers the Frankel Footage, a tape that Hazel slipped into his pocket which shows their father at the Grassy Knoll during JFK’s assassination. The two brothers track Reginald and find him along with a younger Pogo who attacks Five. Diego engages in a duel with their father and is stabbed, left bleeding on the floor.

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 11

11. Right Back Where We Started
Five’s plan works, but not without hiccups. The siblings all end up in Dallas but arrive at different times: Klaus and Ben on 02/11/1960, where the former starts his own cult; Allison in 1961, where she gets her voice back and marries civil rights activist Ray (Yusuf Gatewood); Luther in 1962, where he makes a living by being the bodyguard of Jack Ruby (John Kapelos); Diego on 09/01/1963, where he ends up in an asylum with fellow patient Lila (Ritu Arya) after trying to murder Lee Harvey Oswald; an amnesiac Vanya on 10/12/1963, where she is taken in by a family of three; and Five on 11/25/1963; at the exact time of yet another apocalyptic event that follows them there. Witnessing his siblings try in vain to repel Soviet invaders before nukes hit the ground, Five is whisked away by an older time-traveling Hazel who is immediately gunned down by three blonde guys as they teleport 10 days prior. Five begins his mission of finding his siblings in an effort to prevent the new apocalypse they have to face.

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Old Guard


A quartet of mercenaries are lured to an ambush in South Sudan where their bodies fall on the ground after getting showered with bullets. A few minutes later, the four of them get up as if nothing happened and slay the strike force that just slaughtered them. The bloodbath is recorded on camera and sent to Steven Merrick (Harry Melling), a big pharma CEO who is keen to cash in on the group’s immortality. Escaping on a train, Andy (Charlize Theron), Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luca Marinelli) dream of a young marine’s death and rebirth in Afghanistan. Nile Freeman (KiKi Layne) is confused as to what has just happened to her and is about to be flown to Germany to be tested and probably experimented on. Realizing that another immortal has just awakened, Andy comes to the rescue to introduce the newbie to the gang, but the pharmaceutical empire hunting them with the help of former CIA James Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) will not stop until they get their bounty.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Through Night and Day


Neighbors Jen (Alessandra de Rossi) and Ben (Paolo Contis) have been a couple for 13 years, knowing each other and growing up together in the same neighborhood for more than two decades. The time has come for him to finally propose. It has been a long time coming, and he plans to take her with him to New York after the wedding so they can start their married life there. She has her reservations, wanting to pass the bar and become a lawyer as well as the reluctance to leave her father behind. The two plan an intimate wedding and he surprises her with a trip to Iceland instead, her bucket list destination where they plan to make their prenup video. As they go on a roadtrip around the country, they begin to realize that despite being together for more than a decade, they still don’t know each other that well. Three years later, he comes back to Manila already engaged to someone else. This is probably the last time he will ever see her again.

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