Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 16

16. It's Time to Move On
Annalise asks Frank to get rid of Rebecca’s body, and they start speculating. He pins the murder on Wes, but she defends his innocence. Everyone thinks that she’s still alive and that Wes just let her go. Death row attorney Eve Rothlo (Famke Janssen) drops by after Annalise asks her to represent Nate. She is hesitant at first but gives in later on. It’s later revealed that she was Annalise’s ex-lover. Annalise throws a red herring to find out if Wes killed Rebecca, but he proves otherwise. Frank then assumes that it was Laurel, after she comes to his house and asks him pointblank if Rebecca is dead. Annalise finds out that it was Bonnie who did it, suffocating Rebecca with a plastic bag. Connor moves in with Oliver. The firm takes on the case of Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) and Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda) who are suspected of murdering their adoptive father. A flash-forward two months later at their mansion shows a bloodied Annalise on the floor after a shot is fired. Wes is then seen running away from the scene.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ex with Benefits

Despite him being a senior and her being a freshman, Adam (Derek Ramsay) and Arkisha (Coleen Garcia) do not really consider their age gap as an obstacle to their budding romance, so they hit it off right away anyway. But the pressure of medical school and everyday life in general would eventually take a toll on their relationship. And so, on the day of his make-or-break exam, she decides to walk away without even saying goodbye. A decade later, he is now a famous sports doctor while she is also considered successful in her career as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company. What she does not know is that he is still in love with her, and what he does not know is that she has been sleeping with her clients to secure her position as top performer of the year. When she is asked to go after his endorsement for their newest painkiller, the two of them end up in bed. It then turns into a habit, or as they would like to call it: “Ex with benefits”.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Heneral Luna

1898. Spain concedes defeat to the United States in exchange for $20 million, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. As the Americans prepare to claim their new territory, they are met with resistance by an infant republic under the presidency of Emilio Aguinaldo (Mon Confiado). Feisty general Antonio Luna (John Arcilla) serves as commander of the revolutionary army and makes it difficult for the new colonizers to get what they want. But he is playing a losing game, as he participates in heated verbal arguments at the Cabinet which are just as adrenaline-inducing as the skirmishes they have in the field. Rife with conflicts stemming from opposing factions, the Filipinos themselves are at war with one another, unable to reach an agreement whether to continue waging war or just accept peaceful annexation by an emerging superpower. Can one brash general really swim against the tide and emerge victorious despite such unfavorable circumstances?

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