Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bituing Walang Ningning the Musical (Resorts World Manila)

1980’s. Manila. The dominance of the cassette tape is threatened by the sudden arrival of the compact disc, which many consider to be the future of music consumption. But this does not bother diehard fan Dorina Pineda (Monica Cuenco), because she will buy whatever music superstar Lavinia Arguelles (Cris Villonco) produces regardless of its format. Manager cum boyfriend Nico Escobar (Mark Bautista) thinks her matinee idol girlfriend should expand her repertoire by singing ballads in addition to her dance music, but she thinks that the shift in style would mean losing her fan base. Their creative differences eventually take its toll on their personal relationship. After seeing Dorina perform as a singer at a sing-along bar, Nico entertains the idea of launching her as a balladeer for his very own recording label. Lavinia is not really open to the idea of her once wide-eyed fan now becoming her rival, and makes sure that she does everything in her power to remain on top. In the glitzy world of showbiz where the quest for fame and stardom could tear a person apart, is there really a place for a love that conquers all?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sense8: Episode 12

12. I Can't Leave Her
Trapped, Wolfgang visits Kala to bid her farewell, but she’s not ready to say goodbye and so she crafts a homemade explosive for him. He kills his uncle with her watching, then tells her that’s why she should just marry Rajan instead. Riley dreams about her husband’s death and the birth of their child, who also dies shortly after. Will flies to Iceland to rescue her. Nomi hacks their way into the facility. Lito flirts with a lab assistant to get the room number. Sun fights off the security personnel. Kala finds a medical reagent to jolt her back to consciousness. And Capheus takes care of the getaway ambulance. But Will accidentally looks Whispers in the eye, and now he can tap into him. Wolfgang takes the wheel to go head to head with Whispers’ helicopter. As Will and Riley get trapped on a mountaintop, he drugs himself unconscious so Whispers can’t track them, putting his faith on her. He wakes up on a boat cradled in her arms, before she drugs him again. As she looks up, she sees all eight of them onboard, sailing towards the setting sun.

Sense8: Episode 11

11. Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes
Riley wakes up in a hospital, and the sensate who warned her against Jonas tells her she’s going to die on that bed. Nomi wakes up from that nightmare and she and Will visit each other to plan her rescue. Kala admits to Rajan that his father asked her not to marry him, and he tells her that he has always known. She is later celebrated by the temple’s worshippers for “getting rid” of her future father-in-law. Sun’s brother comes over to deliver bad news: their father’s death. But she can see through his charades and tells him he murdered their father. Capheus settles “his debts” with the thugs, but instead of giving up the girl, he faces them alone. He then finds his boss captive there, and they ask him to end his life. Sun’s rage and his coincide and a bloodbath ensues. As he is trapped in a highway chase, he asks help from Will. Wolfgang gets Felix out of the hospital and relocates him somewhere safe before going on a suicide mission to kill his uncle. Kala tries to stop him, and they kiss, but he just won’t listen.

Sense8: Episode 10

10. What Is Human?
Sun signs the paperwork that could serve as her get-out-of-jail pass. Kala visits Capheus and they talk about courage in life. Wolfgang’s cousin comes over to threaten Felix’s life, unless he gets “his” diamonds back. Wolfgang returns them and almost gets killed, but Lito comes to the rescue with his acting skills, buying him time to grab his rocket launcher. Lito comes to terms with his sexuality and makes the first move to win Hernando back by thanking the bartender who flirted with him before with a kiss and by rescuing Daniela from her psychotic fiancé. Jonas explains more of the sensate situation to Will, on how they don’t belong to the Homo Sapiens species. He visits Riley before they bond with their respective fathers. Sun and Capheus visit him and together they watch the fireworks in Chicago for the fourth of July celebration. Later on, they all join Riley in Reykjavik to watch her dad’s piano concert, all of them getting a flashback of August 8, the day they were all born. Overwhelmed with emotions and visions, Riley faints.

Sense8: Episode 9

9. Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye
In Iceland, Riley meets an older sensate outside of their cluster who works for the enemy but is saving all the sensates she can before they are hunted down. Will dreams about Whispers before Jonas and Riley visit him, separately. When the other sensate with her finds out about Jonas, she warns her that HE is the enemy. Wolfgang gets a veiled threat from his uncle. Kala is interrogated by the police regarding her future father-in-law’s attempted murder, and Rajan reassures her that it’s not her fault. Sun’s father drops by to see her in jail for the first time and confesses his guilt to her, telling her that he will reveal the truth. Capheus visits Riley at her husband’s grave in Reykjavik. He shares the story about how he and his mother had to give up his baby sister at an orphanage because they had no choice. Nomi visits Lito and they talk about their respective heartaches at the Diego Rivera museum, where he and Hernando first met. He later attempts to take his own life, while Neets finds Nomi back at their apartment.

Sense8: Episode 8

8. We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts
Daniela agrees to marry her fiancé again so he’d leave the two alone, causing Hernando to break up with Lito. Kala visits Wolfgang at a Berlin hospital where Max is confined. Her future father-in-law tells her he knows she doesn’t want to marry his son and that it’s fine, before he gets repeatedly stabbed in front of her. Scared, Capheus decides to just drive his matatu again after witnessing his boss chop off the hands of a person who betrayed him. Thugs later threaten his mother’s life in exchange for his boss’ daughter. Sun gains both friends and enemies in prison, and puts her kickboxing skills to good use. Will gets ready for work when Riley visits him. She gives him a tour of her Reykjavik home. He does the same, and invites her to come to America. They kiss. He visits Nomi and they finally share their intel leading them to a company called BPO. Whispers arrives at Neet’s house and Nomi gets cornered in an alley. Sun fights off her two assailants, while Capheus helps her escape by driving a stolen car. Will is suspended from his job.

Sense8: Episode 7

7. WWN Double-D
Daniela repays Lito and Alejandro’s kindness by bringing them to a popular restaurant for a date, suggesting that the latter pretend to be their bodyguard. The fun ends when they find her ex-fiancé back at their place and he harasses them. Riley goes back to Reykjavik still believing that she is hexed, but Capheus joins her in the plane ride and reassures her that she’s lucky. Sun is welcomed by tough women in prison who are there for crimes like murder. Kala consults Ganesha about her wedding and Wolfgang’s frequent appearances, when she suddenly finds him right there. They share their views about gods and religion. Back in Berlin, Max winds up dead after their partners in crime betray them. Will brokers a deal with the street thugs he’s patrolling in exchange for intel regarding the night of Angelica’s suicide. Nomi reconnects with her criminal hacker past to even the playing field against their enemies. When they break into Metzger’s place, he catches them, before being ambushed by Whispers. The doctor ends up dead.

Sense8: Episode 6

6. Demons
Riley’s past catches up with her as she finds her drug lord friend in her flat, asking for his money and merchandise back, by force. As they suffocate her with a plastic bag, Will is also asphyxiated. He helps her break free from her ordeal. Sun takes the fall for her family and surrenders to the police. She goes to jail. Riley visits her and they talk about their respective dilemmas over hash. Kala wakes up the next day with her entire family watching her. When they leave the room, she sees a shirtless Wolfgang on her bed and blames him for what happened at the banquet. He tells her that he wanted her since the first time he saw her, and he thinks the feeling is mutual. Capheus quits driving his matatu in exchange for being his benefactor’s daughter’s driver/bodyguard. Nomi and Neets relocate to the latter’s house to hide. As their morning make-out session coincides with that of Lito and Hernando, as well as Wolfgang’s pool session and Will’s workout time, they experience a sensual connection like they have never before.

Sense8: Episode 5

5. Art Is Like Religion
Nomi contemplates on her hallucinations. Neets says the doctor might be hiding something and they must find out what it is. Capheus’ package is intercepted by goons, but he tracks them down and gets it back, securing his mother’s HIV meds as a prize. He visits Riley in London and Sun in Seoul, where they talk about their respective mothers. Lito experiences the pain of Sun’s menstrual period, affecting his work. His film action sequence coincides with Will’s actual police pursuit, where they inadvertently share each other’s actual reality. Will talks to Nomi’s mother, getting intel as a police officer regarding her whereabouts. Wolfgang’s uncle suspects he’s the one who stole the diamonds that should’ve been for them, but he feigns ignorance. Kala marries Rajan but as she is performing her part of the ritual, a fully naked Wolfgang fresh out of a swim in a Berlin pool appears right in front of her. He asks her what she’s doing, telling her that she doesn’t really love him, before they both lose consciousness.

Sense8: Episode 4

4. What's Going On?
An old man buys the diamonds Wolfgang and Felix (Max Mauff) have stolen, and they party hard with the sudden windfall. The wedding preparations of Kala and Rajan are now in full swing. Sun applies make-up on her facial bruises before meeting her father and revealing her brother’s embezzlement transactions. He begs her to take the fall to avoid a family scandal. Capheus’ newfound fame means he now has more passengers. He later meets a wealthy gangster who offers him HIV meds for his mom, in exchange for being a drug courier. Lito tells Daniela how her fiancé invited him to lunch and pointed a knife to his throat, but she’s busy flirting with Hernando over breakfast. Riley receives a call from her dad. Will uses his personal connections to talk to Jonas, but fails. He appears anyway and teaches him the difference between sharing and visiting. Nomi is being prepped for surgery once more. Using his sharing skills, Will wakes up on Nomi’s OR bed, removing her IV, leading to her successful escape with Neets.

Sense8: Episode 3

3. Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch
Will wakes up in a hospital after his car crashes with Jonas’, who gets caught by Homeland Security in the process. Nomi is still trapped at the hospital, drugged on a regular basis. Neets, disguised as a nurse, starts a fire and rescues her just before she’s about to get lobotomized. Riley gets rid of all her cash and stash of drugs at a subway station. Lito tries to get rid of Daniela, but she insists on staying, saying that she’s about to be wed off to someone she’s avoiding. In effect, they are now both using each other, with benefits. Sun deflects her family frustrations with a double life, spending her nights as a prized fighter in Seoul’s underground kickboxing scene. Capheus makes ends meet finding a cure for his mother’s HIV, but is sabotaged by the cruelty of Narobi’s street gangs. Armed with Sun’s martial arts and Will’s marksman skills, he pursues his assailants and shows them who’s boss. In Mumbai, Kala and Rajan send sweet messages while attending a corporate meeting on fake drugs being dispensed in the third world.

Sense8: Episode 2

2. I Am Also a We
Riley is on the run from the scene of the bloodbath of a pot session she got involved in. Capheus wakes up on his matatu’s roof, then sees himself in a pride parade in San Francisco. Lito uses his co-star, Daniela (Erendira Ibarra), as a smokescreen to hide his sexual orientation. When she tries to seduce him and instead finds his boyfriend, Hernando (Alfonso Herrera), on his bed, she gets even more excited. Rajan (Purab Kohli) and Kala enjoy their engagement party in Mumbai, when she suddenly feels a carnal kind of heat. In Berlin, Wolfgang is having an intimate time with a girl, and then craves for Indian food afterwards. Nomi falls off a motorbike and is rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with a brain tumor of sorts, and is locked up there. Her girlfriend, Neets (Freema Agyeman), promises to break her out. Will risks being up for psych evaluation, not giving up on his visions about Angelica. Jonas appears to both Nomi and Will, telling her to run, and revealing to him that he is a sensate, and that she needs his help.

Sense8: Episode 1

1. Limbic Resonance
Alone in an abandoned building, Angelica (Daryl Hannah) squirms in pain. Jonas (Naveen Andrews) appears out of nowhere and persuades her to help “them”. She tells him she’s too weak, but finally initiates their psychic connection. “Whispers” (Terrence Mann) is suddenly by her side too, mocking her. She puts a gun into her mouth. As he arrives at the scene, she pulls the trigger. Will (Brian J. Smith) is a police officer in Chicago. Riley (Tuppence Middleton) is an Icelandic DJ in London. Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) is a Basque actor in Mexico City. Transgender Nomi (Jamie Clayton) is a political activist in San Francisco. Capheus (Aml Ameen) is a matatu driver in Nairobi. Sun (Doona Bae) is the CFO of her family’s company in Seoul. Kala (Tina Desai) is about to marry a man she doesn’t love in Mumbai. Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) is a locksmith who cracks safes in Berlin. As they go on with their daily lives, they unwittingly start sharing one another’s senses, united by a common recurring vision of a woman shooting herself to death.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 10

5.10 Mother's Mercy
With what army he has left, Stannis attacks Winterfell and is easily routed by the Boltons. Brienne finds him heavily wounded and exacts her revenge for Renly’s murder. Sansa plots her escape but is foiled by Myranda, whom Theon pushes off the wall to her death, before helping her escape. Arya crosses out the first person on her list, but is reprimanded for ending a life she’s not meant to take. As a consequence, she goes blind. Myrcella sails back to King’s Landing with Jaime and tells him she always knew that he’s her father, before her nose bleeds and she dies in his arms due Ellaria’s poisonous kiss. In Meereen, Varys reunites with Tyrion who is tasked to lead the city while Daario and Jorah look for Daenerys, whom Drogon leaves at a field surrounded by a Dothraki horde. Cersei confesses and is punished with a nude walk of shame back to the Red Keep. Sam and Gilly goes away to the citadel so he can become a Maester. Ser Davos reasons with Jon Snow to send reinforcements, right before Melisandre arrives on horseback bearing the news of Stannis’ defeat. Jon Snow is tricked using info about his Uncle Benjen as bait, and is led to a cross which says “Traitor”. His brothers stab him one by one, with Olly dealing the final blow.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

[QUEZON] Budget and Itinerary (2)

SATURDAY: June 13, 2015
JAC Liner (Buendia - Lucena) - 209.50
Bus (Lucena - Mauban) - 52.00
Supplies 1200/6 (7 Eleven/Market) - 200.00
Boat 1500/4 (Mauban - Cagbalete) - 375.00
Island Hopping 1200/6 (Cagbalete) - 200.00
Nipa Hut w/Fan 1200/4 (MVT Resort) - 300.00
Bonfire 120/6 (MVT Resort) - 20.00

[MAUBAN] Cagbalete Weekend Getaway

It was a toss-up between Calaguas and Cagbalete, and if there is something you should know, it’s that Calaguas never happens in this universe of mine. It’s always a plan and stays that way. Cagbalete won because it was more accessible and relatively closer coming from Manila. It did not really matter that much to me because I haven’t been to either destination. I just initially thought that Cagbalete was in Aurora. It turns out to be located in Quezon. Okay, let’s mark Aurora red in our map some time later!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jurassic World

Zach (Nick Robinson) and his brother Gray (Ty Simpkins) go on a one-week vacation in Costa Rica to visit their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who acts as the operations manager of a dinosaur theme park. Relying on advanced DNA technology, the park owners and their team of scientists have been able to revive many of the once extinct species. Dinosaurs are no longer bred, but rather “designed” based on the whims of corporate investors who see the whole process as one big profitable venture. Their quest for a more vicious and controversial hybrid leads them to their latest masterpiece: the Indominus Rex. What happens, then, when a park with more than 20,000 tourists falls prey to an untamed monster with advanced genetic capabilities out on a hunting spree? It is up to Velociraptor trainer Owen (Chris Pratt) to save the day, and his girlfriend. If they could outwit a giant reptile that can camouflage and hide its thermal signature, that is.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 9

5.9 The Dance of Dragons
A group of 20 men is sent to sabotage Stannis’ army, destroying their food supply and killing their horses in the night. Desperate, he succumbs to Melisandre’s divine plan of offering Shireen to the Lord of Light. Jon Snow and the Wildling survivors make it back to Castle Black, but not everyone is glad to see them. Jaime comes face to face with Doran, who pardons him and agrees to send back Myrcella with him, in the condition that Trystane join them and take Oberyn’s place at the Small Council. Ellaria is pardoned as well and she swears her allegiance to her king. Arya sets her sights on one of the names on her kill-list, one of the guards accompanying Lord Tyrell in Braavos. Daenerys attends the reopening of the fighting pits and witnesses Ser Jorah fight to the death for her name. He succeeds, and hurls a spear towards the stage, uncovering a Sons of the Harpy rebellion that quickly escalates into a massacre. As they are hopelessly cornered at the middle of the arena, Drogon descends from the sky and whisks his mother away to safety.

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