Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[MEXICO CITY] Budget and Itinerary (3)


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Spanish Course) - 7,600.00
Airbnb Coyoacan (5 Nights) - 1,235.00
Food Allowance (x8 Weeks) - 8,400.00

Monday, October 17, 2016

[YUCATAN] Budget and Itinerary


THURSDAY: 13 August 2016
ADO (Cancun - Valladolid) - 194.00
Airbnb Valladolid (2 Nights) - 380.00
Burger King (Bacon Cheeseburger w/Fries & Pepsi) - 55.00
Cinemex (Movie ticket) - 40.00
Cinemex (Hotdog + Water + Slushee) - 107.00

Thursday, October 13, 2016

[QUINTANA ROO] Budget and Itinerary


MONDAY: 10 October 2016
Interjet (New York - Cancun) - 2,900.00
AirBNB (3 Nights) - 1,005.00
ADO (Airport - Downtown) - 66.00
Taxi (Downtown - Calle Playa Larga) - 60.00
La Parrilla (Carne Asada + Pepsi + Cake) - 285.00

Monday, October 10, 2016

[NEW YORK] Budget and Itinerary (2)


MONDAY: 3 October 2016
Air China (New York - Manila - New York) - 626.11
Airbnb (7 Nights) - 221.00
Water (JFK Terminal 5) - 2.71
MTA Card (Reload) - 40.00
Cats (Broadway) - 69.00
McDonalds (Cheeseburger x2 + Fries + Coke L) - 8.48

[MANHATTAN] Cool Broadway Nights

I paid only USD622 (~PHP29,250) for my roundtrip Air China ticket: New York – Manila – New York via Beijing. The plan was to be a no-show for the return flight because I really had no intention of going back to the Americas yet, despite my first trip to New York being too short and uneventful. To make things worse, I did not even see a single play or musical, which is supposed to be a non-negotiable for any New York or London trip because I am a huge theater fan. And then October came, and I decided to just fly anyway.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Shear Madness (NY)


What should be a typical afternoon in a unisex hair salon makes an interesting turn when a has-been piano prodigy in the apartment upstairs is murdered. Following a lockdown of the entire building, everyone is prohibited from leaving the premises for routine questioning, making all of them suspects in a crime they may or may not have committed. Flamboyant shop owner Tony (Jordan Ahnquist) is not really that fond of the old woman and goes up to shut her up before she winds up dead. His ditzy bombshell assistant, Barbara (Kate Middleton), is the one to find her old lady friend dead by the piano when she heads to her apartment for a quick visit. Eddie (Gil Brady), an antique salesman interested in the old piano upstairs, also finds himself up there for a while before the murder, with the alibi that he was just using the bathroom. The fourth and last customer, Mrs. Shubert (Lisa McMillan), does not leave the shop during the time of the crime, but receives a really shady phone call that could implicate her as an accessory, or perhaps, even the mastermind. As undercover police officers Nick (Patrick Noonan) and Mike (Jonathan Randell Silver) question the four accused, they break the fourth wall and involve the audience in their investigation, in hopes of finding who the real culprit is.

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