Friday, December 9, 2016

[VISA] China (24-hr Transit)

I’ve transited in Beijing thrice this year so far, with the first two going smoothly with Air China. Both times they just gave me all the boarding passes upon check-in and my luggage went straight to my final destination. With Hainan Airlines, I took the risk. They began plying the Beijing – Las Vegas route a few days ago, and for just USD287 for a Las Vegas – Beijing – HK flight (via Hong Kong Airlines), it’s the cheapest trans-Pacific flight I could find for the holiday season. And so I booked it on Priceline at once.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

[NEVADA] Budget and Itinerary

TUESDAY: 6 December 2016
Volaris (Mexico City - Las Vegas) - 125.98
Airbnb (1 Night) - 17.00
RTC Bus (2-hr Pass) - 3.00
Max's (Daing na Bangus + Large Rice) - 18.92
RTC Bus (24-hr Pass) - 5.00

Monday, December 5, 2016

[MEXICO CITY] Budget and Itinerary (3)

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Spanish Course) - 7,910.00
Airbnb (x7 Weeks) - 6,190.00
Food Allowance (x7 Weeks) - 8,400.00
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (CELA) - 970.00

[PUEBLA] Budget and Itinerary

SATURDAY: 3 December 2016
Estrella Roja (Mexico City - Cholula) - 126.00
Airbnb (1 Night) - 240.00
Toilet (Zona Arqueologica) - 5.00
Water (Zona Arqueologica) - 10.00
Chicken Town (Chicken Tender w/Fries + Water) - 69.00
Uber (Cholula - Puebla) - 95.96

Saturday, December 3, 2016

[CHOLULA] The World's Biggest Pyramid

15 KM west of Puebla, Cholula is one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos. A small university town with a young population, tourists mostly just skip it in favor of its bigger neighbor, which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even then, a lot of people who have several days to spare in Puebla make it a point to go to Cholula on a daytrip. The reason? Well, it houses the world’s largest pyramid. Okay, I see some raised eyebrows there. The disclaimer is that it is the biggest in terms of volume, whatever that means.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Underworld: Blood Wars

Hunted by both werewolves and vampires because of her hybrid blood that can give extraordinary abilities to both groups, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is on the run with David (Theo James) until the eastern coven grants them amnesty and refuge. In exchange, power-hungry elder Semira (Lara Pulver) asks her to train the young death dealers of the clan so that they can match the growing threat of an invasion led by Marius (Tobias Menzies), the most powerful Lycan leader they have come across yet. When true intentions are revealed and alliances are shifted, Selene finds herself in a precarious position of protecting her daughter whose whereabouts she’s not even aware of. With the help of David’s father Thomas (Charles Dance), the two head north to seek help and answers from the northern coven, not knowing that they are leading the enemies right at their very doorstep.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Un monstruo de mil cabezas

Sonia Bonet’s (Jana Raluy) husband is dying, and his only hope is the approval of an expensive operation supposedly covered by their health plan. But the insurance company is not keeping its side of the bargain. Desperate and sick of her struggle against bureaucracy, she takes matters into her own hands by stalking everyone responsible and forcing them to cooperate with the help of her pistol. Her son Dario (Sebastián Aguirre Boëda) is unwillingly dragged into the ruckus but decides to help his mother fight for the right of his sick dad. As they come closer to achieving their elusive goal, so is the police as they track their whereabouts based on the last victim that they leave behind. In this fight between an ordinary citizen and a multinational company with a lot of clout, who will come out on top? What will happen to the losing party?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

[QUERETARO] Budget and Itinerary

SUNDAY: 27 November 2016
Pegasso (San Miguel de Allende - Queretaro) - 69.00
Uber (Bus Terminal - Centro) - 46.41
VIPS (Parillada w/ Fries & Coke) - 187.00
Querebus (Tranvia 6) - 80.00
Taxi (Centro - Calzada los Arcos) - 40.00
Starbucks (Choco Cream Chip Venti) - 70.00
Uber (Calzada los Arcos - Bus Terminal) - 46.80
Primera Plus (Queretaro - Mexico City) - 286.00

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