Monday, September 1, 2008

Sinabon Ako ng Bonggang Bongga ng Boss Kong Hipon, Dude

Kindly translate: Hipon naman ang mga model ng Bench e! (Bench models are shrimps!). When I first saw this in an online forum, I was quite lost guessing what the poster really wanted to say. Well, hipon (shrimp), just like any other seafood, is malansa (fishy) and I think that adjective is associated with being gay. So maybe the poster was insinuating that Bench models are gay. It was not until a classmate presented a monologue in theater class that I found out what it really meant. The character she played said something like, “Hipon siya (He is a shrimp), (referring to invisible boyfriend) delicious ang katawan pero patapon ang ulo (the body is delicious but you get rid of the head)” Eureka!

Apparently when someone is referred to as hipon (shrimp) in modern Tagalog slang, that person has a hot body but face value is zero. So again when I encountered a post in another online forum saying, “Hindi dolphin si Michael Phelps, isa siyang dambuhalang sugpo (Michael Phelps is not a dolphin, but rather a giant shrimp)” I was not lost in translation anymore, unless they were insinuating that a quartet of shrimps could outmaneuver four dolphins in a 4x100 meter relay.

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