Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Loki: Episode 4

4. The Nexus Event
Sylvie recalls how she was abducted as a child from Asgard by then TVA agent Ravonna Renslayer. She steals her TimePad right before judgment and has been on the run since then. The duo awaiting their demise on Lamentis 1 creates a Nexus event big enough for the TVA to track them down and take them in. Loki is imprisoned in a time loop with an angry Sif (Jaimie Alexander) who repeatedly gives him a slap and a kick in the balls for cutting her hair. As Mobius and B-15 begin to catch up on the truth, Renslayer prunes Mobius and takes the two Variants to finally face the Time Keepers. With a last-minute intervention from B-15 who goes MIA after regaining her pre-TVA memories, Loki and Sylvie put up a fight and end up decapitating one of the Time Keepers before discovering that the trio are mere android puppets. Renslayer recovers and successfully prunes Loki but is disarmed by Sylvie, who now demands to know the entire truth. Presuming he is dead, Loki wakes up in a wasteland surrounded by four variants of himself.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Girl and a Guy


Fiona (Alexa Miro) and her boyfriend are aspiring filmmakers who are beginning to drift apart. After arriving late in their hotel room and a frustrated attempt at intimacy, they break up and he smothers her with a pillow. Working as a marketing strategist for his godmother, Raf (Rob Gomez) has never really shaken off his immaturity. Arriving late at a dinner date with his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant, she stabs him multiple times before slitting his neck with a steak knife. Or at least that is what happens in their imagination. One thing is for sure, it is definitely over for the two couples. Multiple rebound flings later, Raf and Fi meet on Tinder and later at her birthday party, but an emerging pandemic stifles any chances for a relationship. As the world goes back to normal and they are given the opportunity to turn what's platonic into something romantic, they are already committed to different people. Will they settle down with their respective partners or take a chance on something unsure?

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Loki: Episode 3

3. Lamentis
The time door leads back to the TVA where the Variant marches all the way to Ravonna Renslayer’s door to meet the Time Keepers, but Loki pursuing her almost leads to an armed confrontation with the judge. Avoiding capture last minute, he activates a TemPad which lands both of them in 2077 Lamentis 1, a moon amid a planetary collision. Escaping would have been easy had the TemPad not run out of batteries. Now, the two must team up to find a power source strong enough to power up the device. Through illusions and tricks, the duo gets into a train carrying privileged survivors to a departing ship which they deem as good enough to reenergize the TemPad. The two get to know each other better. She introduces herself as Sylvie and explains her enchantment magic before they get thrown out of the moving train after Loki gets inebriated. She reveals that the TVA’s Minutemen are just variants like the two of them. They make it to the launching location just in time to see the ship destroyed by a meteorite.

La casa de las flores: La Película/The Movie

La Película
Delia está por sucumbir a una enfermedad terminal y le revela a Paulina una lonchera escondida en una pared de su ex-casa la cual puede contener pruebas incriminatorias contra Agustín. Con la ayuda remota de María José los hermanos y Diego arman un plan para infiltrar la casa y recuperar la lonchera dado que la nueva propietaria, una viejita rara que se llama Esperanza (Angélica María), no quiere cooperar. En escenas retrospectivas en los años 80 se revela que Virginia, ya casada con Ernesto y con tres hijos en aquel entonces, planeaba algo similar durante la fiesta de boda de Salo para forzar a Agustín que confesara su asesinato de Pato y grabarlo en video. Se llevan a cabo las dos misiones en sus cronogramas respectivos, aunque sin defectos y no como esperan. Finalmente, los dos grupos van a darse cuenta de lo que es lo más importante en la vida, es decir, la familia y todas las complicaciones que conlleva.

Friday, June 18, 2021



Sea monster Luca (Jacob Tremblay) has always been warned by his mother not to explore the surface. According to her, humans only have on thing in mind: Murder. Taking this word of caution to heart, the 13-year-old sea monster is still lured to the human world after meeting Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) who has been living on land for quite some time now. The two become best friends as Alberto teaches Luca the ways of life on land. Threatened by his mother to be sent with his uncle down in the deep, the duo run away to the closest coastal city, Portorosso, whose inhabitants are obsessed with finding and killing their kind. There they meet town bully Ercole (Saverio Raimondo), the proud owner of their much-coveted Vespa and perennial winner of the town’s annual Portorosso Cup. They also find a new friend in Giulia (Emma Berman) whose father takes them in to train for the coming race. But is their newfound friendship bound to last once their fishy secret is revealed?

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Loki: Episode 2

2. The Variant
Loki’s first field mission goes awry, prompting Mobius to bury him in paperwork for further investigation of the temporal hiding place of the other Loki variant. Reviewing Asgard’s Ragnarok file, Loki theorizes that apocalyptic events are devoid of time variance energy because the impending catastrophe is meant to take place in the sacred timeline no matter what. Mobius is doubtful but they give it a shot by time traveling to Pompeii right before Vesuvius’ eruption, proving his hypothesis right. Taking a hint from the Kablooie gum retrieved from a previous mission which is only in production between 2047 and 2051, they narrow down the end-of-the-world events, leading them to 2050 Alabama where a level 10 apocalyptic occurrence in the form of a hurricane will happen. As the group is divided and Hunter B-15 is immobilized, Loki finds the Variant (Sophia Di Martino) who simultaneously releases a chain of stolen reset charges, wreaking havoc in the TVA. As she escapes through a time door, Loki follows her as Mobius and Co. try in vain to catch up.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

In the Heights


With the backdrop of a Caribbean beach, Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos) recounts his life in New York’s Washington Heights to a group of curious kids, one of whom is his daughter. As the owner of a bodega, he rubs elbows with a lot of people and knows most of the members of the neighborhood including: Abuela Claudia (Olga Merediz), everyone’s grandma who raised him when his parents died; Benny (Corey Hawkins), his friend who works as a dispatcher at a taxi company; Vanessa (Melissa Barrera), his love interest who is an aspiring fashion designer but just couldn’t get a break; Nina (Leslie Grace), the golden girl of the community who is having a hard time adjusting to life at Stanford; as well as his teenage cousin Sonny (Gregory Diaz IV) who helps him run his shop. When news breaks out about a $96,000 lottery winner who purchased the ticket at his store, the neighborhood is set abuzz with the prospect of winning the prize money amidst the sweltering summer heat.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 6

Kabanata 6
Isisiwalat ni Datu Talagbusao ang katotohanan ukol sa pagkatao ni Alexandra Trese habang bihag ito ng kambal na panandaliang mapapailalim sa kapangyarihan ng kanilang ama. Ayon sa panginoon ng digmaan, ang ama ni Alexandra ay nagsinungaling sa lahat ubang baguhin ang kanilang tadhana. Hindi talaga namatay ang nakatatandang kambal ni Alexandra matapos itong maipanganak. Sa halip ay buhay itong isinilang at pinatay lamang ni Anton kinalaunan dahil ayon sa itinakda, ang ika-limang anak ng ika-anim na anak ang sisira sa daigdig habang ang ika-anim na anak ng ika-anim na anak naman ang magbabalik ng kaayusan sa pamamagitan ng paghatol at pagbuo ng bagong sangkalibutan. Mananaig pa rin ang kabutihan sa puso ng dalaga at magagawa nitong ipatapon at ikulong ang kalaban sa ibang daigdig sa tulong ng kambal matapos nilang bumalik sa katinuan. Masasawi si Kapitan Guerrero sa sagupaan. Sa huli, isang jiangshi ang mamamataan na nagkakalat ng lagim sa Maynila, isang bagong hamon sa lakan.

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 5

Kabanata 5
NAKALIPAS: Magpupulong ang mga pinuno ng mga angkan upang pagpasyahan ang kapalaran ng kambal. Maninindigan si Anton na ampunin at kalingain ang dalawa kahit na hindi sang-ayon dito ang pinuno ng mga aswang. Sisimulan ni Alexandra ang kanyang pagsasanay bilang bagong lakan, ang ika-anim na anak ng ika-anim na anak. Limang taon ang lilipas at sa kanyang pagbabalik ay wala na ang kanyang ama. KASALUKUYAN: Lalantad si Mayor Sancho Santamaria bilang utak ng malawakang pagsabog sa kalakhang Maynila. Gamit ang itim na kapangyarihan ay bubuo siya ng hukbo ng mga bilanggong wala sa katinuan at isang sagupaan ang magaganap sa gitna nila Alexandra at ng mga kalaban. Lalantad si Nuno bilang taksil na nagbigay ng kapangyarihan kay Sancho. Magagawang tapusin nila Alexandra ang laban sa tulong ng mga tikbalang at taong hangin. At sa kanilang buong pag-aakala na sila ay nagwagi na, biglang lilitaw si Datu Talagbusao na matagal na palang nasa katawan ni Heneral Villar.

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 4

Kabanata 4
NAKALIPAS: Matatagpuang patay ng mag-amang Anton at Alexandra si Ramona habang bihag naman ni Datu Talagbusao ang kambal. Masasaksak si Anton ng panginoon ng digmaan ngunit matatapos ni Alexandra ang lagusan upang maipatapon ang datu. KASALUKUYAN: 50 bangkay ang nawawala sa kanilang libingan habang isang maramihang pagpatay naman ang magaganap sa isang squatters area kung saan ang pinaghihinalaang utak ay ang nakakulong na si Mayor Sancho Santamaria. Maya-maya pa ay sasalakayin na ng mga bangkay na nabuhay ang himpilan nila Kapitan Guerrero. Mapagaalaman nila Alexandra na mayroong nang-angkin sa isa sa tatlong isinumpang batong buhay panawag sa patay na kailangan nilang sabay-sabay sirain upang mapigilan ang pagsalakay. Mahahanap nila ito sa isa sa mga bilanggo na may galit sa mga kinauukulan. Susubukang tuklasin ni Hank (Christopher Carlo Caling) ang katotohanan kay Amang Paso ngunit lulusubin sila ng isang lalaking may bomba sa katawan.

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 3

Kabanata 3
NAKALIPAS: Sa tulong ng kanyang kambal na anak ay bubuhaying muli ni Ramona ang dakilang Datu Talagbusao sa pamamagitan ng pag-alay ng mga puso ng kanyang mga pinaslang na sundalo at ng kanilang pinuno. Laking gulat na lang nito ng salakayin silang mag-iina ng naturang panginoon ng digmaan. KASALUKUYAN: Isang manggagamot ang papatayin ng isang nilalang na nagtatago sa kadiliman na tanging mga pulang mata lang ang kapansin-pansin. Dadalhin ng pangyayaring ito sina Alexandra Trese at ang kambal kay Nova Aurora, isang sikat na artista na nasa pangangalaga ni Amang Paso na pinuno ng angkan ng Pulang Lupa. Kanilang mapapagtanto na isang tiyanak ang tumutugis sa magkaibigang manggagamot at artista. Walang awang papatayin ni Aurora sa saksak ang tiyanak na sumapi sa kanyang sanggol na kanilang sadyang pinabayaan sa gubat. Babalaan ni Amang Paso si Trese ukol sa isang paparating na panganib at pagtataksil. Babalikan naman si Aurora ng mga tiyanak upang patayin sa gabing iyon.

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 2

Kabanata 2
NAKALIPAS: Kasama ang batang Alexandra ng kanyang amang si Anton (Eugene Adalia) sa pagsisiyasat ng pagpaslang ng mga dating sundalo at ng kanilang mga alalay na pinatay at tinanggalan ng mga puso. KASALUKUYAN: Hihingin ni Kapitan Guerrero ang tulong ng dalaga upang lutasin ang isang kapanganyayaang dulot ng pabilisan ng mga sasakyan. Ang mga bakas ng sulikap ang magtuturo sa kanya sa pinuno ng mga tikbalang na si Ginoong Armanaz. Sa tulong ng dalawang taong hangin ay makikipagtimpalak si Alexandra gamit ang kanyang sariling sasakyan at kanyang matutuklasan na ang anak ni Ginoong Armanaz na si Maliksi (Steve dela Cruz) ang kanilang hinahanap. Isa pang paghihinala ang magdadala kay Trese kay Bagyon Lektro na pinuno ng isang angkan na may kakayahang gumamit ng dagitab. Sasalakayin siya ng anak nitong si Bagyon Kulimlim na kanilang mapapatay sa tulong ng Nuno at ng kanyang alagad. Babalaan ni Lektro si Trese ukol sa isang paparating na panganib.

Trese: Kabanata/Episode 1

Kabanata 1
Sa isang pangkaraniwang gabi ay biglang titirik ang MRT. Bababa ang mga nakasakay ngunit hindi na masisilayang muli. Sa halip ay isang tren na puno ng dugo subalit walang mga bangkay ang tanging maiiwang bakas. Makakarating ang balita kay Alexandra Trese (Liza Soberano), ang batang lakan na namamagitan sa daigdig ng sangkatauhan at ng mga kampon ng kadiliman. Kasalukuyang nagsisiyasat sa pagkamatay ni Gina Santos, ang white lady ng Balete Drive, ang dalaga ay hihingan ng tulong ni Kapitan Guerrero (Apollo Abraham) upang lutasin ang nasabing kababalaghan. Sa kanyang pakikipag-ugnayan sa Nuno (Christian Velarde) at kay Ibu, ang diwata ng kamatayan, kanyang matutuklasan ang sabwatan ng isang angkan ng mga aswang at ni Mayor Sancho Santamaria (Rene Tandoc), ang kalaguyo ng white lady na ginagamit ang kanyang katungkulan upang lipulin ang mga squatter at ialay sa mga aswang. Sa tulong ng kambal na sina Crispin at Basilio (Simon dela Cruz) ay susubukang tugisin ni Trese ang kanyang mga kalaban, mapa-tao man o aswang.

Thursday, June 10, 2021



Security personnel Jill Adams (Gina Rodriguez) is estranged from her children, teenager Noah (Lucius Hoyos) and her little daughter Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt), who both live with their paternal grandmother Doris (Frances Fisher). Picking them up for bonding time one afternoon, Jill and the kids end up in a vehicular accident tossing their car into the river. Soon they find out that they are just one of the many victims as it becomes evident that a massive electrical outage has hit the entire country affecting all machines that run on microchips. Later that night satellites start falling from the sky and everyone discovers that they have lost the ability to sleep. Scientists go on a mad scramble to discover a cure, knowing all too well that sleep deprivation eventually leads to death. Witnessing how her daughter can actually sleep, Jill has to decide whether to bring her to the hub of her boss, psychiatrist Murphy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), where one patient who can also sleep is already being experimented upon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Loki: Episode 1

1. Glorious Purpose
2012. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) escapes with the tesseract and lands in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert before being arrested by Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) of the Time Variance Authority. Long ago in the brink of a multiversal war, a trio of all-knowing Time-Keepers established the TVA to ensure the existence of a single sacred timeline, preventing branching ones from diverging to threaten the main one. Loki is now referred to as a Variant a.k.a. those who escape their set timelines and are then considered a danger to the temporal order of the universe. He is taken before Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a former TVA hunter who has risen through the ranks and now serves as a judge. He is saved from being reset or eliminated from existence by Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), a TVA agent who focuses on dangerous Variants. Faced with a series of time crimes leading to the death of TVA's Minutemen, he strikes a deal with the God of Mischief to catch a particularly dangerous time criminal currently on the loose: Loki.

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


Connecticut, 1981. Demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) come to the aid of the Glatzel family, whose 8-year-old son David (Julian Hillard) is said to be possessed by a malevolent entity. The attempt on exorcism ends in vain when the priest is knocked out by a flying dinner plate. Arne Cheyenne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor), boyfriend of the family’s daughter Debbie (Sarah Catherine Hook) invites the demon to possess him instead as an act of desperation. As the child breaks free from the demonic curse and starts anew, the nightmare is only beginning for Arne who later ends up stabbing his landlord to death 22 times. Subjected to a possible death penalty sentence, he pleads demonic possession as an alibi, the very first time such a defense is used in American courts. Lorraine and Ed, who is now left with a heart condition after his last skirmish with paranormal forces, must now investigate to make sure that the young man is acquitted from a crime they claim he did not willingly commit.
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