Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone Killed a Cat and Proudly Blogged about It

Imagine Mahal guesting one Sunday night on Sharon. The host suddenly grabs her by the ankle and hurls her wrestling-style towards the audience. Sprawled on the floor, the clueless midget watches in horror as the TV show host, all 250 lbs of her (can someone confirm Sharon's weight?), runs towards her, launches herself into the air, and stomps the vertically challenged Kokey star once, twice, thrice...

Of course this did not really happen, but a similar fate was met by a clueless kitten living as a collective pet in UP - Diliman's National Institute of Physics building. I think it was last week when a student of theirs did to the cat what Sharon did to Mahal in that imaginary scenario in the first paragraph. The witnesses said that the animal did not die right away. Instead, it fled the scene, vomited blood, and eventually died. Now let me ask, what is with the public display of cruelty?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Committed Suicide, So Sue Me

Some people say that suicide is a selfish act and I think I kind of agree with that. No one is exempted from the hardships we experience in this world. So share your problems! Share them with the world! And spare the people around you the burden of cleaning up your act.

Or if it really cannot be helped, at least I advise against using a gun. This weapon is a common choice for crimes so using it will only provoke suspicion of foul play. And that is bad for the people you leave behind. Instead of grieving the misfortune that has come upon them they are made to carry an additional burden of becoming suspects. That is so not cool. And that further proves that suicide is indeed, a selfish act.

I know it might be morbid to suggest but there are other ways. If you are an attention whore, you could choose to jump off a very high place. It could be a building or a billboard. If you want media attention, choose a billboard, if possible, one in EDSA. It would not be long before a TV news crew comes for a scoop. It would not be declared as foul play either, unless you managed to persuade someone to join you up there and that someone survives. It also gives you a good glimpse of the city before you exit to the other world.

Sunday, April 12, 2009



The opening sequence is well-executed. The CGI in that part actually amazed me. I think that opening scene is intriguing enough to get you hooked. Next part is boring, usual character introduction with some Maricel-taray moments ("Hindi ako bingi!") hahaha, she made that boy cry. Second part is where most of the gulat scenes are, though not of the typical horror kind. Last part fails somehow because of CGI overload that is not very convincing.

If you are looking for the typical horror movie like those featuring a constipated Kris Aquino being chased by Sadako wannabes then this movie is not for you. It is more of a supernatural flick rather than a horror story. No ghosts here. Given that I would have to say 120M tops for total box office gross. 150 if they get lucky. Knowing how Filipinos want their horror movies, this one would probably not get good word of mouth.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire


Let us all head to the nearest MRT station and do the Jai Ho dance! Yehey! HAHAHA. I do not get Bollywood Dance sequences, the jerky head moves give me the creeps. None of that here. I enjoyed the end credits.

I was contemplating on giving it just four stars because I have read the book. I am not saying that the novel is a piece of fiction worthy of a Nobel prize, in fact some people argue that it is mediocre because it is written in simple English. I just like the characters there better. And there are more surprises in the book plot-wise, though some appear contrived.

Nevertheless, the film was able to offer its very own version of characterization and plot that did not compromise the essence of the story. For that, even if it was not that loyal to the book I still believe that it is a great adaptation. Oscar well deserved.

Friday, April 10, 2009

John Regala’s Fans Day

I have never been to a graduation ceremony where the participants were more eager to have their picture taken with a certain actor, rather than a picture of themselves with their toga and a diploma. My brother was one of them, HAHAHA! Last Friday, he graduated from the DepEd Alternative Learning System. He is finally going to college at St. Benilde, bringing the tally of La Salistas within the inner circle of the clan to seven.

The ceremony was lackluster to say the least. There were 701 graduates from different divisions and we had to hear their names called one by one. That would have been okay, if the names matched the faces. Unfortunately my brother was called Michelle when he went up the stage, and the brawny man in his late twenties who followed him was announced as Joanna.

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