Thursday, March 26, 2015

[KYUSHU] Budget and Itinerary

WEDNESDAY: 25 March 2015
Peach (Taipei - Naha) - 3,530.00

Monorail (2-Day Pass) - 1,200.00
Star Capsule Hotel (1 Capsule/1 Night) - 3,000.00
Subway (Roast Beef + Pepsi) - 800.00
Don Tei (Gyudon + Coke) - 470.00

[OKINAWA] Shuri Castle

If you are not really planning to leave Naha, then make sure that Shuri Castle is in your itinerary, especially if you have a monorail pass, simply because this is one of just several attractions that can be reached with the said form of transportation. The tracks of the monorail start at the airport; it ends at Shuri Castle. This is not to say that it is connected to the castle doors itself. You still have to walk around 20 minutes or so to reach the castle grounds. There is also a tourist bus that can take you there.

[OKINAWA] Naha Beach + Kokusaidori

I have been talking about going to Okinawa forever, although not for anything in particular. I mean, one of my Japanese friends in Xiamen is from Okinawa but he rarely stays put there. I think what became my main motivation was news from Cebu Pacific that they'll start plying the route, and you know how I find it hard to say no to cheap fares! Until now, though, there has been no update. Why wait for Cebu Pacific when Peach can bring you there? And so after visiting some friends in Taipei, I decided to make Okinawa my entry point back to Japan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 10

10. Auld Lang Syne
Paige gets an acting job and is moving to LA soon. Sean gets a break with his art pieces making it to an exhibit. Lolly walks in on Becca and Kevin kissing, throws a fit, and storms out of the house. Melanie invites Becca to her engagement party to Andy. The two get married right there, catching her off-guard. Lolly comes back after the holidays, moves on, and gives Becca her blessing to pursue Kevin. Jamie finds his room ransacked, with all his money and merchandise gone. He spirals out of control. He confesses to his dad, says goodbye too Lolly after telling her he loves her, and takes off to no one knows where. Attending a 1996 New Year’s eve party, Becca mentions something which leads Lolly to figure out that this love triangle is what exactly ended their friendship in the future. The same confrontation ensues, and she leaves again, perhaps for good. Not knowing what to do, Becca takes the elevator ride, begging to get back to the future. As the door opens, she curiously stares at the sight in front of her. Is she back in 2015?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

[BAGMATI] Budget and Itinerary

FRIDAY: 27 February 2015
Drukair (Paro - Kathmandu) - 223.00
Tribhuvan International Airport (Visa-on-Arrival) - 26.00

Taxi (Airport - Thamel) - 500.00
Kathmandu Resort Hotel (1 Super Deluxe/3 Nights) - 7,800.00
Dabali (Bungy Jumper's Chicken + Mineral Water) - 640.00

Friday, March 6, 2015

[KATHMANDU] Killing Time

On the day of my Air Asia X flight, a Turkish Airlines plane skidded off the runway due to heavy fog. The plane could not be taken off the site because the airline insisted that the insurance guys see it first. The airport said, though, that even if they wanted to remove it from the tarmac, they couldn’t. They did not have the equipment. As such, all flights have been canceled and the airport has been shut down. And so I flagged another taxi going back to Thamel and became the “Hey it’s that guy again!” person of the day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 9

9. All I Want for Christmas Is You
Becca breaks up with Kevin in 2004 after Lolly ends their friendship. In the past (current timeline), she sees Kevin coming out of Lolly’s room the morning after the rave, but nothing really happened between the two of them. He slept on the floor and the effects of E wearing down meant she was incoherent all night. They go out on a date, but he tells her that she’s more like a sister to him. Becca chastises him and throws him out. Lolly gets mad at her for doing so. She throws a party for her to make amends and runs into Jaime, who’s not just back from the Dominican Republic but also looks dapper and with a "decent job" to match. Lolly invites Kevin. Jaime suggests that they make him jealous, but it doesn’t work because he just leaves anyway. The two of them end up making out. Sean crashes the party and goes on annoying Paige. She admits that she likes him, and they lock lips. The magazine Becca works for sells out in 30 minutes after hitting the stands, thanks to her viral marketing. Kevin stalks her on the rooftop later on, before admitting his feelings and kissing her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[KATHMANDU] Durbar Square at Night

“Stranded” is an understatement. I only intended to stay in Kathmandu for around three days. In my mind, I was supposed to do the bungy and then that’s it. I could not care less if I’d get to see the Giant Stupa or Durbar Square or the Royal Palace. I came here to jump off a bridge, and when I finally did, everything was mission accomplished in my head. But Nepal wanted me to stay, and after Spicejet did not allow me to board the plane because I had no Indian visa, I had no choice but to prolong my stay.
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