Sunday, April 28, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 3

8.3 The Long Night
A solitary figure in red approaches on horseback. The Dothraki raise their weapons as Melisandre sets their blades ablaze, illuminating the dark night. As they charge and fall, the Unsullied hold their ground. Daenerys and Jon mount their dragons and rain fire from above, but a blinding snowstorm soon envelopes Winterfell. In the absence of dragon fire, Melisandre lights up the trench, but the Wights easily break through via suicide. Lyanna Mormont falls defending the castle, taking down a wight giant with her. Beric sacrifices his life for Arya. Daenerys seemingly loses another dragon and a final Dracarys could’ve been the final blow, but the Night King emerges unscathed from the flames. Ser Jorah dies for his queen. The Ironborn protect Bran as he wargs into a murder of crows to nobody knows where. As Theon gives his life for Bran, Arya leaps out of nowhere to save her brother and ends up in a stranglehold by the Night King himself. Dropping her blade and catching it with her free hand, she lethally impales death himself, decimating his army.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Avengers: Endgame


Reeling from the loss of half the universe’s population after Thanos’ genocidal snap, what remains of the Avengers find a new ally in Captain Marvel. Together they draft a plan for vengeance in an effort to undo what has already been done, except that they are caught off-guard by the reality that they might already be too late. As the years pass them by, they all try to move on, albeit with a great deal of difficulty. When a faint glimmer of hope brought about by a crazy idea presents itself, the team reassembles one more time to accomplish one last mission, but not everyone agrees. Some consider taking a chance on the remote possibility of regaining what they have already lost, while some have already made peace with making do of what they already have and are not that receptive to taking the risk. In a post-apocalyptic world unjustly judged by a despotic tyrant with a cause, do you move on, or do you avenge the fallen?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 2

8.2 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Jaime and his news of Cersei’s betrayal are received with hostility by Daenerys and Sansa. Tyrion tries to intervene but ends up endangering his position. It is Brienne of Tarth who vouches for the Kingslayer, enough for the Lady of the North to change her mind. He knights her later on. Gendry delivers Arya’s new weapon to her in the dungeon and the two end up sleeping together. Theon is welcomed by Sansa with open arms. Tormund and company finally arrive after surviving their encounter with the now undead Umber boy at the Last Hearth. They come with a warning that there isn't enough time before the Night King catches up with them. Bran volunteers as bait, knowing that the Undead will be looking for him to obliterate him, being the personification of mankind’s collective history. Jon tells Daenerys that he is Aegon Targaryen, giving him a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. Before she can react, the bells toll signaling the arrival of the enemy.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 1

8.1 Winterfell
As Daenerys and Jon march into Winterfell, everyone is in awe of her dragons, but reluctant to treat her as their queen. Sansa extends her hospitality, albeit with veiled hostility. The Dragon Queen is well aware that she is not wanted, but she has a war to win and a kingdom to claim. Arya is reunited with Jon. As the remaining houses rendezvous in Winterfell, Euron sails to King’s Landing with a captive Yara. As he keeps himself busy wooing Cersei, Theon sneaks in to rescue his sister who plans to retreat to the Iron Islands to prepare it as a safe haven that no White Walker could reach. Cersei has her Hand give Bronn a bow as a present which she wants him to use to assassinate her brothers should they survive their adventures up north. Daenerys personally thanks Sam for curing Ser Jorah, but has to admit how she was behind House Tarly’s fiery demise when they refused to bend the knee. Agitated, he finally tells Jon the truth about his Targaryen lineage. Arriving in Winterfell, Jamie meets the blank gaze of Brandon Stark.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019



An ancient wizard, the last of his kind, seeks a mortal with a pure heart who can continue his legacy of guarding the seven deadly sins and preventing them from corrupting mankind. A child is considered and deemed unworthy, resulting in a lifelong grudge that culminates in modern-day Philadelphia. 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Angel) has been fleeing foster families for years. Abandoned at a theme park as a child, his only goal is to find his biological mother. Taken in by a caring couple, he is introduced to a new set of foster siblings, one of which is Freddie Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), a disabled teenager who has an obsession with superheroes. Now an adult, Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) finds his way back to the wizard’s dungeon and frees the seven deadly sins, turning himself into their host. Desperate for a champion, the wizard (Djimon Hounsou) takes his chances with Billy who is given the power to transform into an adult superhero by shouting the name Shazam (Zachary Levi).

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