Friday, November 7, 2014

[GANGWON] Budget and Itinerary

FRIDAY: 7 November 2014
Jungnang/Gyeongchun (Hoegi - Sangbong - Gapyeong) - 1,950
Gapyeong Bus (Gapyeong Station - Nami Island) - 1,200
Nami - Jara Zipline (Nami Island Package) - 38,000
Gapyeong Bus (Nami Island - Gapyeong Station) - 1,200
Gyeongchun/Jungnang (Gapyeong - Sangbong - Hoegi) - 1,950

Estimate of KRW1,000.00 = PhP40.00
TOTAL PhP1,772.00

[CHUNCHEON] Nami Island By Air

Nam-i Island, you’ve probably heard about it. Once upon a time there was this popular Korean drama called Winter Sonata shot in a beautiful island somewhere near Seoul. That's the Hallyu version of the story. Technically, Nam-i Island was born with the creation of a dam and the consequent flooding of some areas. A wise entrepreneur thought it would be profitable to turn it into some sort of amusement park. After it was featured in the drama, the rest was history.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


The Earth is no longer capable of supporting life. America is ravaged by frequent dust storms causing serious pulmonary problems for its inhabitants. Corn is the last crop to endure the planet’s worsening condition, but is predicted to go extinct in a few years or so. The Apollo moon landing did not really happen; it was just a government ploy back then to bankrupt the Russians in a fictional race to reach outer space. This is what is being taught in schools at least, to dissuade the youth from investing time in technology-related careers. Farmers have replaced engineers in the list of in-demand professions, given their importance in the current society which has no choice but to fall back on agriculture. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is one of those corn farmers, but he is also a man of science. A disgraced pilot, he discovers a gravitational anomaly in his daughter’s bedroom which gives them coordinates pinpointing the covert location of NASA, now operating underground. There they meet Professor Brand (Michael Caine) who expounds on the repercussions of the world’s current dilemma. A wormhole has appeared next to Saturn, leading to a galaxy with planets capable of supporting life. The plan is for Cooper to man the spacecraft along with Amelia (Anne Hathaway) and two others, in an effort to find a new home for the human race.

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