Monday, March 30, 2009



I would have given it five stars but I believe the theory on the existence of life offered in the ending would not be appreciated by everyone, specially those who are overtly religious and would just think that the movie is a prolonged episode of the Twilight Zone. As for me, I did appreciate it because I am interested in the occult.

The first part of the movie has that old school horror flick feel. That Lucinda kid is freaky and her complexion reminds me of Linda Blair's in the Exorcist. The second part somehow gives you that Final Destination/Indiana Jones feel and then the last part is, like, fresh from the twilight zone. The movie is ambitious. It wants to be many things at the same time but I think the plot was executed well enough, with a few forgivable flaws.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens


The plot is juvenile. This is not to say that the movie is not good, in fact it is enjoyable. It is just that it caters more to kids and pa-kids. Mostly the kids were the ones heard laughing when I watched this. The story is predictable and there are some witty lines, though not very many, for adults to enjoy. Nowadays, it is debatable if someone says that an animated flick only appeals to children, what with movies like Wall-E disproving the stereotype, but I think this movie really is for kids and fits that stereotype rather well.

The funniest character for me would be B.O.B. It has no brain, which in its opinion is overrated, so consequently it says and does things that you would not expect. I LOLed in that particular scene when Ginormous asked it to get the people off the bridge and of course the budding love affair with the green Gel-o, HAHAHA!

Sunday, March 22, 2009



Action flick. Watch with your eyes and leave your brain with the ticket girl for safekeeping. What makes this movie work is the fact that it knows what it is. An action flick. It does not aspire or claim to be anything else. There is no dull moment in this movie except maybe for the first part where the characters and their relationships with each other were introduced but once the daughter is taken, the fun and the action begins.

YOU SHOULD NOT watch this movie thinking about loopholes because there are many. The suspension of disbelief should be set to HIGH, just like when watching 24. It should be assumed that Liam Neeson's character would be almost similar to Jack Bauer. His skills should not be questioned, his life long dedication as a US warrior would be enough to justify that. His access to sophisticated technology should not be put to doubt because he has very clever and tech savvy friends. This is not real life. This is an action flick.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



The movie starts with a distressed Iza Calzado. I love it when she does cameo roles, always short but sweet. You start thinking, hey maybe the movie is not as bad as the trailer suggests. And then after a few minutes the cameo is over.

And then the film presents its premise by making letters appear onscreen. Letters. Not even a voice over. The letters, which form into words, and then into sentences, explain to you that everyone, by the time that they are nearing death, has a "Sundo". This of course is a superstitious belief in our country. If they wanted explanation through text they could have presented a friggin' PowerPoint presentation.

Friday, March 6, 2009



Pretty cool movie. Would have given it five clovers if I have not read the graphic novel. Three, if I base all my judgment with the book as reference. Friendly advice to those who love the comic book so much, try to force yourself into temporary amnesia while watching this. Perhaps you would still find something worth appreciating.

The first scene was enough to get me hooked. Sorry but I am just a big fan of those Matrix fight sequences, HAHAHA. The CGI and the acrobatics are both the strength and weakness of this onscreen adaptation. Strength, because it takes advantage of the different techniques available to film making to make it more visually appealing. Weakness, because I think it is just too much.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Reader


Starring Kate Winslet, her German accent, and her pets. She said she would no longer go nude onscreen after this one. I believe her. She already got her Oscar. So, was she better than Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius? Like Jessica Zafra said in her blog, if Meryl did this she would not be contented with just an accent, the dialogues would be in German! But in fairness to Kate Winslet, I think she has earned it. As an aging woman with a secret, which she thinks is so shameful to divulge, I believe Winslet gave the role justice. Hanna Schmitz is an interesting character. She seems simple but she is actually complex and Kate was able to show that in her portrayal.

If you have not seen the movie nor read the book and are intending to do so in the near future then stop reading right here. No holds barred, spoilers ahead!

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