Saturday, August 22, 2009



Nothing beats Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc (have not seen Wall-E yet) so for me this one comes in at close third. Watching it in 3D is cool and all but does not add much to the entertainment value of the movie, in my opinion.

The animated short before the movie starts is, as usual, just so interesting. Pixar does not run of good ideas! It is like a weird but pleasant dream that you would not mind having.

I like most of the silent scenes in the old man's back story, which do not require any exaggeration to pull a few heart strings. The scenes are done with just the right amount of subtlety so that the adult can appreciate it yet the kids could still follow some hints as to what is really going on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And I Love You So


The movie is unnecessarily long, a bit dragging actually. There is no surprise twist. The plot is very common. The ending is predictable.

The movie is sort of divided between Bea/Derek and Bea/Sam, although Derek's exposure is considerably less. Bea/Derek is like a romantic drama. The latter is a mix of romantic drama and comedy, but more on rom-com. Some of the awkward moments are funny and the one that stands out is the "Ok ka lang?" scene.

Bea can act, no question about that. As for the over-hyped scene at the beach I would say that yes, she is slimmer now. But her body looks kinda strange, like that of Katrina Halili's (post-lipo obvious or maybe they are really just big boned.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh My Girl!


Ogie has been cross-dressing a lot lately. Maybe it makes some people laugh, but some are not entertained at all. Michael V does not do it any better either, but at least he gets to dive into a totally different character that you would remember for the unique personality he has invented for the role. Unfortunately, Ogie does not have that consistency. He is just Ogie dressed as a woman, and not a very convincing one at that.

Judy Ann does not do much here, in fact she only has two scenes where she reminds us that she can really act. The rest is just a mix of corny jokes and "pa-cute" moments, which she pulls off without being much of an annoyance to the audience. There also is one head-flipping too many in the first few scenes. We get it, you endorse Pantene. At least the product placement is not that blatant, well not as much as Goldilocks.

The Proposal


The plot is cliché. Either you are naive or plain stupid if you do not know where it is headed to. The office subplot is like Prada or any other chick lit flick set in New York that you might have already seen. The Alaska subplot is like Meet the Parents except that in this movie, only the Granny is funny.

There is nothing much to expect story-wise. I think the only new twist is the deportation issue. Despite the formulaic plot, this movie just makes up for it in terms of dialogues, a few witty lines here and a couple of funny scenes there. It actually works, at least for me.

Bullock is convincing as a cold bitch with a warm heart, or to quote Granny, Satan's Mistress. Unfortunately, it seems that she has not been allowed to dig deeper into her character. Her background story is just a quick five minute narration of some random facts about herself. Although the character is not that vile for you to hate her so much and demand a well crafted back story, it would have been great to know her better. Or maybe they just wanted to keep the story light.

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