Monday, September 28, 2009

Yaya & Angelina


I am such a loser for paying to watch this piece of crap. I fell asleep twice and only found the Arowana resuscitation scene funny, along with a few of Bitoy's random quips. The terrorist subplot is a drastic attempt to insert plot development, even if it is totally unrelated to the premise of the original Bubble Gang skits. This is understandable because they had no choice, otherwise they would have ended up with a 30-minute collection of skits with no direction, story wise. But that does not mean it is going to be tolerable.

Iza Calzado does not need this on her resumé. Michael V deserves something better. Ogie Alcasid seems to be enjoying his cross-dressing very much, third time in just a year. Too bad he is the only one having a good time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

In My Life


There are two scenes that almost moved me to tears (for a person as numb as a rock, that is something): The one with Vilma and Luis at the park (bits of which are shown in the trailer); and that one with Vilma and Dimples in the kitchen after signing the document. Ang galing lang nilang lahat.

But the best scene would be that Vilma - JLC confrontation scene. The one you see in the trailer is not in this movie. The one here has the same dialogue but with a different setting and a surprise element that, well, leaves the audience quite surprised. That scene assures a shoo-in nomination for both Vilma and John Lloyd in whatever acting award giving body you could think of.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kimmy Dora


This movie is so like Tanging Ina, except that Eugene Domingo has more depth in acting than Ai Ai could ever wish she had. The movie experience is great because the people in the audience go wild every other minute, almost similar to A Very Special Love in terms of audience reception.

The scenes taken individually are hilarious. But overall the story lacks cohesion, as is already stated by many people. Again, very much like the first Tanging Ina movie. Same formula. I love the Kimmy character better because she has the most ROFL lines. ROFL because the lines are mostly sarcastic or just hilariously absurd like the infamous, "Kunin mo ang checkbook ko at bilhin mo yung bus sa labas" and "Hindi ka naman talaga bobo. Slow ka lang." Eugene Domingo also does coño convincingly and that adds to the novelty of the character.

Jack and the Beanstalk (Repertory Philippines)


It would be best to judge this production through a kiddie point of view. If you end up watching this just try to see it with all the childlike innocence you could muster, then probably you might enjoy it. The point is, this is really meant for kids. The stage is full of colorful backdrops and stage props that could be considered as eyesores for adults, but necessary to command the attention of children.

They tweak the storyline a little by introducing the giant as some freako scientist, and his assistants as aliens/robots. It is a new twist that I guess the kids welcome because most of them seem to enjoy it. Also, the giant is not that bad and he does not die. Instead, an evil baron is introduced as the villain. I cannot clearly remember if the version of the story that I know features a baron, but I am quite sure that the giant there is a moron who dies in the end. That does not happen here.

The Final Destination


The Final Destination franchise is like a roller coaster, you ride it because of the adrenaline rush. In the case of the movie, you watch it because of the thrill, not the plot development. If yo ha've seen all three prequels and you are still expecting something different with this one and turn out disappointed then it is not the movie's fault but yours. It is the same old formula but this time you have the option of seeing it in 3D.

I did not see the 3D version. Perhaps it would be more fun, feeling as if all the gore and the internal organs would fall right on your lap. That would definitely add to the thrill. The only new thing about it is the déjà vu hidden somewhere in the movie as well as the clues which are now mostly in visual form via the character's premonitions.

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