Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3


The movie starts and ends on a happy note, although that part near the ending is just depressing. One usually relates his childhood to the toys he used to play and the cartoons he used to watch. And now a decade after, the sequel that ends the trilogy finally arrives, the storyline of which clearly suggests moving on, or better yet: growing up.

The timing could not be more impeccable given that the audience who were kids when the first and second movies came out are already adults by now. So no one would really blame you if you come close to shedding a tear by the end of the movie. For us who were kids back in 1995, Toy Story is already a part of our childhood and although that childhood could no longer return, Toy Story 3 tells us that the memories will always be there and that they would stay forever.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day


The story is... Alright, who am I kidding, there is no story. Whoever produced this movie probably just woke up one day and said, Hey, wouldn't it be nice if Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz made a reunion movie where they get to shoot people, get dragged and drugged across Europe, and eventually end up in South America? And then for some reason, both actors decided to agree. Despite the weak story, it would be unjust to say that the movie is not fun. IT IS FUN and funny. The action scenes are good and the locations, better. But what makes it a hilarious visual feast is the whole surreal feel of the movie. The scenes come across as if they are normal everyday occurrences not even worth a shrug. The characters are fun to watch because they always seem to be on a high, regardless if they are drugged or not, with the exception of course of one who is obviously a special child.

Legally Blonde (Atlantis Theatrical)


Even though the musical numbers are very lively, there seems to be something wrong. Overall, the musical is not that enjoyable. Maybe a louder than usual orchestra and too much pink do not always go together. Or perhaps it just depends where you are seated. But there were some technical problems with the audio, specifically with some of the actors' lapels. There are also instances where the orchestra drowns the dialogues.

The set is creatively done. Almost all that can be seen onstage are shaped like books, which reinforces the law school atmosphere. The moving sets are also shaped as such, the pages of which can be opened to reveal a new backdrop for another scene.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'll Be There


As a Father's Day presentation this movie could get a passing score for its timeliness. As a Star Cinema movie, yehey for taking a break from the romantic comedy genre. As a KC Concepcion movie it is again over-hyped for all the wrong reasons. When a movie full of hype fails to deliver, it gets panned, and/or it flops. There is no confirmation yet if this film is flopping, but based on different reviews it is already getting panned, and in my opinion, not without reason.

It seems like an innate father-daughter trait. Newsflash, you are in a movie! Why do you have to deliver your lines as if you were doing a TV commercial? Bits of overacting here and there from KC, which weirdly complements bits of underacting here and there from Daddy. Gabby Concepcion's acting is stuck in the 80's, very much like how Sheryl Cruz's acting is stuck in the 90's. She is not in this movie though. Apologies, I digress. Just looking for obvious comparisons. Her name was somehow the first to come to mind.

Letters to Juliet


The story is predictable but saved by decent acting from the cast. The two male leads are able to transform their characters' obnoxiousness into something amusing. Amanda Seyfried is okay given that there is nothing much for her to do here. Typical romantic comedy. Vanessa Redgrave is cool. Or maybe there is really just something compelling about a love story involving old people. Although their love story shares some similarities to that presented in Garcia-Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera, it is still engrossing and could possibly be a good standalone story.

Varona is splendid. That sense of tranquility present in small medieval towns is effectively captured through camera and is very much evident all throughout the film. It makes you want to go there and experience it yourself. A lot of oohs and ahhs audible in the cinema every time a picturesque landscape of Varona is used as a transition from one scene to another. This is perhaps the biggest bonus in this movie. It makes you want to go to Italy, such a marvelous place. Postcard perfect!

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