Sunday, November 29, 2009



This movie gives you awesome tips on how to survive the end of the world:

1) If your partner leaves you make sure it is for someone who could fly a plane. It does not matter what his/her career is, as long as s/he could pilot a damn plane.

2) Befriend semi-retarded mountain junkies who create hilariously creative end of the world Flash presentations as a hobby, they might just have a map that could lead you to safety.

3) Practice: dodging falling skyscrapers and flying cars, getting out of the Earth unscathed after it eats you, and driving Bentleys in the snow. They might come in handy someday. John Cusack did all those in the movie and he survived. There is no reason why you should not.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jennifer's Body


Evil possessed cheerleader feeds on her male classmates to keep her strength and beauty. I think the movie is confused as to what it really wants to be. Comedy? Drama? Horror? It all gets mixed up and the audience gets confused as to how to perceive all of it.

I think it is just another teen movie masquerading as a satire, a not so plausible follow-up for Juno. A not so convincing vehicle for Meagan Fox to redeem herself after being upstaged by Optimus Prime. A high school flick with demonic flavor used as a lazy excuse for a plot twist, and an attempt to be unique by going non-linear on the plot.

Diablo Cody's wit is apparent in some dialogues but is not able to match that in Juno's script. Nonetheless, still mildly entertaining but better reserved for viewing on DVD.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Is It


Michael Jackson is one hell of a talented artist. He could have easily staged the biggest comeback ever in world music history. He will forever be a legend. King of Pop indeed.

The clips are very cinematic. The new ones for Thriller make our local horror movies look like amateur high school projects. The one for his tribute song about the Earth is very symbolic. He really loves mother Nature. Heal the World is the second song played as the credits roll and it never fails to give you goosebumps.

Beat It made me want to dance in the theater but I would look retarded so I just ate popcorn. More than being a singer, what I really admire about MJ is his dancing. You could not even begin to label it. It is not just jazz, not even just Tap, and it looks like Hip-Hop. I guess it is simply Michael. Dance schools should be teaching Michael Jackson dance classes, honestly. I would really enroll. Dancing Thriller or Beat It at least once in this lifetime is on my bucket list.

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