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Heartstopper: Episode 16

16. Perfect
Nick posts a picture of him and Charlie captioned as “Boyfriends” which means coming out to everybody on Instagram the morning of the prom. As they help Tara with preparations at the venue, they end up dealing with weird stares and random questions that continue all through the night. Tao asks Elle to be his girlfriend and she agrees, before she tells him during prom dance that she wants to pursue art school. Isaac snatches one of the books about Asexuality from the library’s Pride rack. Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk agree that what happened to them that night in Paris was stupid and ends up opting for a dinner date next time. A concerned Tara heads over to Darcy’s house only to find her homophobic mother there. As they all leave the prom to just hang out at Nick’s house, Darcy shows up and admits that she is only out at school but not at home. As everyone starts to call it a night, Nick has a heart-to-heart talk with Charlie and they promise to be honest with each other about everything, including all the bad stuff.

Heartstopper: Episode 15

15. Sorry
The gang tries out outfits to wear to the prom. Darcy gets a suit, which doesn’t sit well with her homophobic mother. She ends up leaving her house. Elle gets accepted to art school. While ecstatic, what this would imply on Tao and their relationship gives her second thoughts. Isaac opens up to James and admits that he doesn’t seem to feel attracted to him in either a romantic or sexual way. He discovers later on at Elle’s art exhibit that he might be Asexual. Ben pursues Charlie and gets to apologize to him for everything he has done. Charlie accepts the apology but not without giving him a piece of his mind. The visit of Nick’s dad ends up being a dinner party between Nick and Charlie’s families. David causes tension by hinting on the relationship between the two, resulting in Nick admitting everything to his father. Drama ensues, but nothing that doesn’t get resolved by the end of the evening. Stephane apologizes before heading back to France. Tori warns David not to do anything that’ll hurt her brother.

Heartstopper: Episode 14

14. Truth / Dare
Nick meets up with his father Stephane (Thibault de Montalembert) but can’t get to come out to him and introduce Charlie as his boyfriend. The reunion does not last five minutes as he receives a phone call and has to run. However, he tells his son that he will be in England the following week. Darcy throws Tara a surprise birthday party in their hotel room where the flowing liquor leads to a game of Truth or Dare. As Charlie is put on the spot on a dare to kiss either James or Ben, he opts for truth instead resulting in the million dollar question as to who gave him his hickey. Nick answers on his behalf and practically comes out to everyone in the room, admitting that they are dating. Harry comes over to apologize for being homophobic so he can join the party but Charlie shuts the door on his face. James admits to Isaac that he is his new crush and the two kiss, but the latter gets confused and runs away. Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk share a bed for the night as Darcy throws up on the other bed. The group leaves France the next day.

Heartstopper: Episode 13

13. Heat
After making out the night before, Nick leaves a hickey on Charlie’s neck, which makes him the object of gossip and speculation as everyone tries to guess who was responsible, many of them implicating James, the only other openly gay guy in the group. The students are grouped into two for a translation exercise before climbing the Eiffel Tower, Nick ending up with Ben. Ben angrily confronts Nick and admits to him that he still has feelings for Charlie and that he stole him from him. Elle and Tao reignite their failed romance at the Louvre with a kiss, which they both enjoy this time around. Darcy continues being aloof with Tara’s serious questions and seems to be hiding something from her. Charlie faints midway through their museum trip and Nick asks him about a possible eating disorder he has observed. He receives a call from his dad, his speaking French impressing Charlie. He decides to take him along for their meeting at some random Parisian café so the two can meet.

Heartstopper: Episode 12

12. Challenge
With a busload of students, Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk play the unenviable roles as chaperones for the school’s Paris trip. Nick surprises most of the gang as he speaks French, revealing that his father is French and lives in Paris. He and Charlie decide to be lowkey throughout the trip so as not to provoke any questions. Elle and Tao reconnect given their time alone touring a museum and decide to just be friends again. Isaac asks Charlie how it was like when he first felt things for Nick. Imogen tries to have a jolly good time with Ben but all he ever does is try to use her as a beard to somehow get back at Nick. The tension culminates at the group dinner when Imogen notices how Ben seems to be more interested in Charlie which leads her to berate him in public and eventually break up with him. Ben walks out of the restaurant after calling her a bitch out loud. Nick and Charlie comfort her in the toilet and admit to her, non-verbally, that Ben and Charlie did have a thing in the past.

Heartstopper: Episode 11

11. Promise
Coach Singh (Chetna Pandya) catches Nick and Charlie kissing after practice. She calls Nick to her office and reveals that she herself found her wife at rugby practice. He is glad to have found another ally. The school holds an orientation for their planned Paris trip in which the students have to group themselves into four. Tao gets a haircut and manages to ask Elle out on a date after he finally admits liking her, but their date ends on a bad note because he is just trying so hard not to be himself. James (Bradley Riches), Isaac’s friend from the library, invites him to the post-GCSE party where everyone goes to celebrate. Nick promises to come out to some of his rugby teammates at the event but chickens out when he feels overwhelmed and ill. Charlie takes him home and prepares some tea for him, telling him that he does not need to come out if he does not feel like it, even though he would want everyone to know that they are a couple. Darcy starts avoiding Tara, a bit weirded out by the latter saying “I Love You” to her in public.

Heartstopper: Episode 10

10. Family
Elle visits a prospective art school to see whether she would fit in. There, she meets fellow transgender applicants Naomi (Bel Priestley) and Felix (Ash Self), with whom she immediately feels at home. Nick’s big brother David (Jack Barton) comes home and the friction between the two is easily palpable. He also gets in trouble with the new teacher Mr. Farouk (Nima Taleghani) after he argues with Ben about Imogen who, herself, gets upset with him since he cannot tell her that Ben is Charlie’s ex and that he assaulted him. Charlie’s parents Julio (Joseph Balderrama) and Jane (Georgina Rich) forbid him to see Nick as their frequent meetups become detrimental to his schoolwork. Even then, he sneaks out to see Nick often and inadvertently meets David, who accuses him of turning his younger brother gay, prompting a family discussion with their mom Sarah. After talking to his mom Yan (Momo Yeung), Tao realizes that he likes Elle and asks Charlie and Isaac to help him.

Heartstopper: Episode 9

9. Out
Nick and Charlie have reached the honeymoon stage of their relationship, getting rather addicted to kissing and cuddling and missing each other way too much. Since the upcoming GCSE exams mean that the two get to spend less time together as Nick is relocated to the gym and is assigned a seat next to Ben, Charlie decides to join the rugby team again as an excuse to spend more time with his boyfriend. For Nick, though, coming out of the closet to his friends is still an unfinished business, and he starts off with Imogen but just doesn’t know how to break the news to her. The whole gang invites her for a sleepover at Charlie’s house as he promises to help Nick as much as he can with his coming out journey. When he finds the right moment, Nick is surprised when Imogen tells him that she already knows because it is so obvious. She then tells him that his new crush is no other than Ben. Tara and Darcy prod Elle to flirt with Tao, but he reacts weirdly to it, causing her to give up. For now.

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