Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 4

별에서 온 그대: 제4회
Yoo-Ra, Song-Yi’s fiercest rival, is found dead on the Han riverbank the morning after a high-profile event that both women attend. With no sign of resistance found on the corpse, the police force wants to declare it as an obvious suicide, but a new prosecutor is eager to prove otherwise. Reviewing the CCTV footage from that night, he sees something peculiar: Min-Joon is on the cruise ship despite not being on the official list of invited guests, and what is more, he disappears just as a tipsy Song-Yi is about to fall overboard, both of them vanishing into thin air altogether in the next frame. Min-Joon indeed saves Song-Yi, and by accident shares his first kiss with her as he lays her down on an empty cabin bed. However, the accident results in a media circus, blaming the “suicide” on Song-Yi for being harsh to Yoo-Ra, as evidenced by a viral video of the former berating the latter. Hounded by the paparazzi who storm the floor where she lives, she seeks refuge at Min-Joon’s place, discovering his collection of antique books and artifacts.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 3

별에서 온 그대: 제3회
The in-laws of the young widow Min-Joon met during the Joseon era wanted her dead at all costs, too bad for them she had an extra-terrestrial to protect her. At present time, he dreams of a woman falling into the water, but could not recognize her except for her shoes, which he sees Song-Yi wearing. At 2 AM, she asks him to bring her to the hospital to undergo an emergency surgery to get rid of her appendicitis, and tells him to pretend that he is her manager in order to avoid intrigues. There he gets to witness how dysfunctional her family is: how her mother is only concerned about money; how her brother blames her for their family falling apart; and how her father had to abandon them. Hwi-Kyeong plays the part of the jealous boyfriend, with his persistence as a suitor dating back to middle school as shown in a flashback. His brother, on the other hand, is portrayed as a two-faced character who seems amiable on the surface but turns out to be a shady individual who resorts to murder to get what he wants; and yeah, he is dating Song-Yi’s fiercest rival. Despite Min-Joon stealing her shoes and warning her to avoid water, Song-Yi ends up buying a similar pair of shoes anyway to attend a friend’s wedding. On a cruise ship.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 2

별에서 온 그대: 제2회
When Min-Joon landed on Earth 400 years ago, he was accompanied by other extra-terrestrials. Using his power to stop motion, he was able to mix well with the locals, even helping some of them with their life problems. Even so, he has since concluded that human beings do not change at all even if you lend them a hand, and that their life span is not enough for them to mature. He also met a young widow who became his friend, and then meets her reincarnation again four centuries later by saving her from a speeding truck. Song-Yi stars in her very own TV special which chronicles her life in school as a “simple student” but everything backfires when Min-Joon scolds her on camera for submitting a plagiarized report. Depressed, she visits her high school friend and indulges in soju, mistakes Min-Joon’s apartment for her own, and passes out there. She is later fetched by Lee Hwi-Kyeong (박해진), a second generation chaebol who also happens to be her childhood friend and persistent suitor. She accidentally leaves her wallet behind and as Min-Joon finds it, he sees a family photo with a young Song-Yi who resembles that young widow from the Joseon Dynasty, as well as that young girl he saved 12 years ago.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 1

별에서 온 그대: 제1회
Joseon Dynasty, 1609. Do Min-Joon (김수현) lands on Earth aboard his UFO, momentarily startling all the Earthlings present to witness such an occurrence. 400 years later, he is now adept at the ways of human beings, changing professions as each decade passes and regularly getting issued death certificates by his only friend who happens to be a lawyer. The appearance of a rare comet signals his return to his home planet, leaving him with just three months to say goodbye to no one in particular. Cheon Song-Yi (전지현) is South Korea’s biggest Hallyu star, although her fame is mostly derived from her physical appearance rather than acting prowess or intelligence, neither of which she appears to possess. She has 20,000 friends on SNS and loves posting selfies with not-so-well-thought-out captions, making her the laughingstock of the online community. Assuming that Min-Joon is yet another stalker following her to her new posh condo unit, she lashes out on him before realizing that they are neighbors and that he has no idea who she is. Later on, she finds out that he is actually her university professor, and that their paths would be crossing more than they would expect.

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