Saturday, February 18, 2012

日本語 - Week 15 (Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1)

The book I am using is Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1 by Eriko Sato from the Tuttle Language Library. Volume 1 of the book has 61 lessons. Target end date is April 14, 2012.
MONDAY: Lesson Thirty Six – 明日はしけんがあります
The grammar point for today is quite short, all about linking two nouns. In short, that conjunction called and in English. In Japanese, place this particle as a suffix for the first word, and the proceed with the next one.  But I think we already learned this before, so let’s add another usage. Depending on its position, it could mean with. How does that happen? Compare the next two sentences: 田中さんはマリーさん勉強します = Tanaka will study with Mary. 田中さんマリーさんは勉強します = Tanaka and Mary will study, but not necessarily together. I am still confused. :(

TUESDAY: Lesson Thirty Six – 明日はしけんがあります
Today is NO GRAMMAR DAY! Yehey!!! Celebrate!

WEDNESDAY: Lesson Thirty Seven – どんあたてものですか
古い means old but is only used to refer to inanimate objects, so resist the urge to tag someone you know with this adjective. The car is old = 車は古いです.

THURSDAY: Lesson Thirty Sevenどんあたてものですか
You can use どんな before a noun to ask what kind of whatever noun that is. In short, you are asking for what kind or better yet, a description. 図書館はどんな建物ですか = What kind of building is the library? Second grammar point, remember the possessive ? It could be used as a proxy for the actual noun if the context is clear. Meaning? My book is an expensive book = 私の本は高いです could be rewritten as私の本は高いです.

FRIDAY: Lesson Thirty Eight – リーさんのへやはどうですか
You ask how (as in the descriptive how) with the Japanese term どう which you add before the verb. How is the Japanese class = 日本語のクラスはどうですか?
For next week I would be covering lessons thirty eight to fory. We can do this guys! The goal is to pass the N5 examination of the JLPT in December 2012! =)

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