Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Girl: Episode 9

마이걸: 제9
Gong Chan and Yoo Rin continue to evade their feelings for each other despite spending more time together like watching a movie with Jung Woo, who continues hoping that she would also develop feelings for him. Grandpa gets clearance from his doctors to travel and tells Yoo Rin that they would be going to Japan right there and then. In a desperate attempt to avoid this, she does the unexpected. She intentionally falls down the airport’s stairs just to prevent them from getting on the plane. As she says, in bluffing you have to be persistent to be credible. However, she finds out the hard way that bluffing does not really work on love, after being stood up once again by Gong Chan in a supposed trip to Jeju Island, a trip they have devised out of the blue, again, out of Grandpa’s persistence to travel somewhere with his “granddaughter”. At the end of the episode a drunk Yoo Rin confronts Gong Chan in the street, and in a playful twist they end up in an accidental lip lock.

This has got to be one of my favorite episodes. For one, there is just enough balance between the comedy and the drama. Yoo Rin cries again, but the episode is kept light thanks to the many antics they have thrown in there. Another thing is the symbolism and the focus on lying. That scene where Yoo Rin munches on a jalapeño and pretends that it is not damn hot is just hilarious, but it reminds you clearly about the premise of the show. In a way that theme always comes up in every episode, reminding you each time about the main storyline. And of course, perhaps one of the most popular scenes in the series, that accidental kiss, which is cut short to be continued on the next episode. As for Jung Woo, I pity the guy. He seems to like Yoo Rin a lot, but I could not recall any single moment in which she even tried to reciprocate this feeling. Too bad.

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