Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Girl: Episode 10

마이걸: 제10
What happens after the accidental kiss? Gong Chan drops Yoo Rin on the pavement and attempts to leave her behind but gets one too many unwanted hateful stares.  So he picks her up and brings her home. What’s different this time though is that he is actually not that annoyed. In fact, he even seems amused. Grandfather intends to formally introduce Yoo Rin to everyone because the article about Se Hyeon and Gong Chan is bound to bring too much attention, and so Gong Chan plans to send her away before this happens because if it does they would be closer than ever to getting busted. Se Hyeon’s secretary accidentally finds out about Yoo Rin’s gambler dad and Se Hyeon just could not keep her mouth shut and tells Gong Chan’s folks about it. In an interesting twist, they actually feel more sympathy, and decide to keep her. For good. Meanwhile, Gong Chan’s secretary goes to Japan and delivers bad news. It is confirmed that the real cousin died in the earthquake. Holding on to the “lying coin” Yoo Rin gave him, Gong Chan asks her to be her sister. Forever.

Okay then, what is wrong with this scenario? Well, if you have not noticed yet, it is obvious that Gong Chan has also fallen for Yoo Rin. How else could you explain the extra attention and frequent smiles coming from him? Of course if Yoo Rin becomes his sister forever, it would then be impossible for them to be together. Well, they would actually be together. As siblings. Se Hyeon is getting more annoying after each episode. Jung Woo becomes more emo after each episode. It seems he only appears to feel bad about his affection not being reciprocated. Poor guy. Anyway, I like the concept of the lying coin and how it becomes a plot device to reveal to the audience what the characters really do feel, although it is already obvious from the context. They do a great job with the plot of this show, everything just jives so well and the circumstances surrounding the plot complications are not that cliché or overused.

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