Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Girl: Episode 8

마이걸: 제8
Remember Auntie and Mr. Jang? Well, they seem to be getting uncomfortable with each other, so he leaves. Yoo Rin then persuades him to come back but when they do, Auntie is no longer home because she also left! When she finally get the two together two meet back home the two realize their love for each other and announces to everyone that they are getting married, much to Grandpa’s delight. This is bad news for Yoo Rin though since she already decided that she would finally go away. Now she could not because she and Gong Chan would be preparing the wedding. Gong Chan spends more time with Yoo Rin using their “business relationship” as a pretext and realizes that maybe he has feelings for her too after all. Meanwhile, secretary Yoon and Jin Gyu exchange calling cards. At the end of the episode she receives an important fax of the picture of the real granddaughter as a child. Guess what? Yoo Rin’s father, and another girl who could be assumed as her, are also in the picture.

At last, the light and funny episodes are back! It seems like the situation has been reversed this time. Yoo Rin is the one avoiding Gong Chan, and he, on the other hand is the one making excuses just to be with her. I like this formula because we see another side of the characters that we have not seen before, and it is always cool to see a character evolve. As for Auntie, her subplot with Mister Jang has been lingering since day one, and I think I have not given them proper credit for being so enjoyable to watch. The acting and treatment of the shots are intentionally camp and sure are funny. Although it seems like the episode focused more on developing the relationship between the two leads, at least the plot also advances thanks to that faxed picture. This episode is a good breather coming from the last two.

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