Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Girl: Episode 4

마이걸: 제4
Yoo Rin breaks her neck playing like a kid on the bath tub, and so Gong Chan had to rush in and see her in all her naked glory to bring her to the hospital. Grandfather recovers miraculously fast because of Yoo Rin and even makes it home, fully recovered. To show his gratitude, Gong Chan gives Yoo Rin a day off, which she intends to spend touring Seoul. Kim Se Hyeon is back and tries hard to win Gong Chan back but her efforts are met in vain. He decides to tag along with Yoo Rin so just Se Hyeon could not bother him. Se Hyeon, in turn, gets drunk and her assistant calls Gong Chan for assistance so the press would not see them, which means him leaving Yoo Rin at the 63 Building until the attraction closes down. The next day, Grandpa urges them to visit the memory tablet of Yoo Rin’s “mother” in a temple. Amidst the snow their car breaks down. Luckily, they find a village where Yoo Rin tricks the villagers into believing that she is a close friend of the chief’s daughter, who takes them in for the night. Meanwhile, Se Hyeon meets an accident at the airport leaving her hospitalized.

So this is the Se Hyeon episode I have been waiting for. The episode was all about her and serves as some sort of foreshadowing on how she would get in the way of Yoo Rin’s and Gong Chan’s brewing love affair. It is hard to hate her though because she really showed in this episode how she is so determined to win him back. As for her leaving him, what is so wrong with that? She just followed her dream. On the contrary, Gong Chan answers Yoo Rin’s question about the death of his parents in a car crash and how this took a toll on his grandfather’s health and on their family business. Okay, so that is why he is so bitchy, he does not like being abandoned, and that must be how he felt after all that bad luck came crashing down upon him. You have to give it to bitchy people. Sometimes it is not really their demeanor per se. Most of the time there is just an interesting story beneath that icy facade.

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