Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Girl: Episode 6

마이걸: 제6
Yoo Rin finally admits that she likes Gong Chan but takes it back with a white lie so her true feelings would not be revealed. Besides, he already has Se Hyeon, who is becoming more and more insecure as the days go by despite Yoo Rin being “just the cousin”. Yoo Rin’s father gets into trouble again, which leads her to sell the gifts she received during her “birthday” in order to get him out of jail. Gong Chan finds out about it, and after accidentally receiving a phone call from her dad, concludes that they are planning some big heist against him. Yoo Rin is obviously hurt, and admits to the crime she is not really going to commit to hide her true feelings for him. Grandpa gets his second fake phone call from Jin Gyu pretending to be Yoo Rin’s father and notices how he only answers him with “yes” or “no” every time they talk.

This episode is just so hard to watch! Although they put in what could easily be the series’ most hilarious scenes such as the chicken mascot revenge and the “killer” in the hotel, one could not help but still get overwhelmed by all the drama going on. Yoo Rin cries more than once. I hate her father but I am guessing that the guy is just unlucky. Or plain stupid. Or both. Anyway, such people who are better off tied to a chair do exist in real life. It is hard to watch seeing them weigh other people down. And then there is the love thing. She has fallen. We have been accustomed to seeing her so happy and perky all the time that we are just not prepared to see her cry and cry and cry. I want her smiling, damn it. I think I hate this episode. Depressing from start to finish!

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