Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Girl: Episode 16

마이걸: 제16
As much as Yoo Rin loves Gong Chan, that love is tearing the family apart because of the combined stubbornness of Gong Chan and Grandpa. And so Yoo Rin decides to pull off her biggest lie yet, just to leave the family in peace even if it hurts her. Through Se Hyeon’s help she gathers everyone and tells them that everything was a big scam from the very beginning. Her father knew all along where the real granddaughter was but they withheld the information so they could scam them big time. It was only when she fell in love with Gong Chan did they decide to present the real granddaughter to get Grandpa’s approval. Gong Chan decides to leave nonetheless, holding a grudge against Grandpa. After Se Hyeon, Jung Woo, Auntie, and Mr. Jang plead the two lovers’ case to him does he accept that it must be fate. Thus, gives his approval, at last. The real granddaughter is revealed to be Chun Hyang, from that Korean drama of the same name. Her partner in that show also makes a cameo.

I like the ending, seriously. It does end happily but you are conditioned from the very beginning to want it to end happily, but not without the many hoops they had to go through just to get to that ending that in the end you just feel so satisfied. The writers did their homework properly by making sure that everything gels together, kudos to them. When Gong Chan and Yoo Rin find each other in that elevator and they hug and they say “I love you” you are happy for them. Yahoo! Although I prefer tragic endings, the way this Korean drama made me laugh made me root for a happy ending this time. Give them a break. They gave us a good show. I only want the characters to die horribly when they are plain stupid and not redeemable. I just love everyone in this soap for me to wish anyone something tragic. Kudos to Se Hyeon and Jung Woo too for redeeming themselves.

Expressions of the day
미쳤어 I'm crazy
심심해 I'm bored

By the way I picked up a lot of new conversational fillers and also got more practice with several intimate verb endings that might come in handy some time. Language immersion, check. Enjoyment, check. I love MY GIRL!!! :)

복 받으실거에요!
You'll be blessed!

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Makati Condo Rental said...

Nice episode !!

ihcahieh said...

@Makati Condo Rental - Yeah, it's the ending. Everything gets resolved. Everybody happy. :)

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