Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Girl: Episode 12

마이걸: 제12
Yoo Rin observes her bestfriend and Jin Gyu as siblings and imagines how it could be if she does the same with Gong Chan. Besides, her mantra is simple. If you won’t reveal a lie, better believe in it and it would be as good as true. She seems to be doing well, except that this time it is Gong Chan who makes it difficult for the both of them because he could no longer seem to hide his true feelings. Despite this he agrees to set-up Yoo Rin regarding Jung Woo’s plan to propose to her, formally. She does not like this and dumps him five minutes into the conversation. Yoo Rin gets mad at Gong Chan and tells him that Jung Woo knows she is fake. He confronts him and asks why he did not tell him about it, and to keep it as a secret. Jung Woo retorts with “What? That she is fake, or that you love her?” Se Hyeon hits the jackpot because she is listening in the background. Now she has two aces against Yoo Rin. Gong Chan decides to move to Jeju to make their lives easier. Yoo Rin does not like the idea but eventually agrees. Now her biggest decision is whether to go on with her presentation as the chairman’s “granddaughter” which simply means she would be Gong Chan’s sister, and nothing more, forever.

Why does it seem to me that everyone in this show is an eavesdropper of some sort? Their ears are always at the right place at the right time! At least it is true for both Jung Woo and Se Hyeon. The episode is still a bit hard to bear because of all the suppressed feelings and complications, one of those moments when you just want to tell everyone, what the heck! Drop all the pretense and get it over with! If only it was that simple. What a life. There are only four episodes left and I already have withdrawal symptoms. I just love the characters of this show despite their flaws. Anyway this is also the episode where Secretary Yoon gives Jin Gyu a piece of orange and then what follows is that funny scene at his commercial shoot which involves that fruit. It’s cool that they have their own subplot going on.

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안녕히주무세요 Good night
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