Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Girl: Episode 15

마이걸: 제15
Gong Chan leaves for Japan to take care of business, but Grandpa knows that it is not the only reason. He still has not given up on finding Yoo Rin. After Jung Woo brings Gong Chan to the airport, he sees Yoo Rin and chases her but they do not meet. He does not tell him, instead he uses all his connections to find her because according to him now that Gong Chan is gone Yoo Rin would finally “see” him when he finds her. Wrong. Yoo Rin’s tourists go with Gong Chan on the plane and he finds out exactly where Yoo Rin is, thanks to them. He then books one of her tours under a false name. What follows is a reversal of roles in the pilot episode. Now, he is the one chasing her and she is the one reluctant to entertain him. When Jung Woo finally finds out about her whereabouts, he buys flowers as a gift, but his efforts are crushed when instead of finding just her, he finds them. Grandpa has kept his secret of meeting with his real granddaughter from Gong Chan, because if he tells him, he is sure to leave, which is what happens when he comes home unannounced and finds his real long lost cousin in the flesh, dining with his family.

Denouement, I actually like it. The climax already happened in the last episode and the last two are reserved for closure. From the looks of it I guess we are looking at a happy resolution for all of this. We know why Yoo Rin is hesitant to accept him back in his life. It must have been hard for the both of them to hold on for two years, but you would know from the tone of the episode that they are angling for a happy ending. These two really love each other, and certain complications go away with time. What’s good is that the elements we have come to love are still present: the funny imagining of scenarios and all the bluffing. It is good to see that Gong Chan is the one making a fool out of himself now, but it somehow seems awkward or maybe we just got used to Yoo Rin being the funny one. One episode to go and we are done. I love this series!

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