Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Girl: Episode 13

마이걸: 제13
Gong Chan arrives just in time and drags Yoo Rin away with him, telling Grandfather that her dad has suddenly arrived Seoul. They go to the airport and try to run away wherever they could, but decide to go back home and leave their plans for later. Now that Se Hyeon knows their secret, she drops by the house to “say goodbye” although her real intention is to confront Yoo Rin. Yoo Rin begs her to keep the secret for now, and then Se Hyeon sees the snow globe that she assumed was hers in Yoo Rin’s room. It is clear to her now. Gong Chan left her for Yoo Rin, but since they are pretending to be siblings, they could not really be with each other. Still, her threat of telling on them looms large. Jung Woo offers Yoo Rin an easy way out. He will take her to New York as his wife so she could sustain their lie. Of course she does not agree but is left without a choice. Gong Chan and Secretary Yoon find out that the real sister is still alive, and hope springs anew. The problem? Yoo Rin’s father was the man who saved her life, and now that he knows that the little girl she saved is a millionaire’s heir, he plans to swindle the family but on his way to Gong Chan’s office, he runs into Se Hyeon.

At first I thought Yoo Rin’s father was lying again, but the events in this episode confirmed that he is not. The knowledge that the real sister is alive means that Gong Chan and Yoo Rin could be together. The problem here is Se Hyeon finding (or being found) Yoo Rin’s dad first, hence things become complicated once more. Now, instead of Gong Chan and Yoo Rin coming clean and ending happily ever after, Se Hyeon has the information about the real sister, which she would use to destroy the relationship of the two by telling on them. I despise Yoo Rin’s father. I want to ram his face to a refrigerator door or something. It seems that his sole reason for existing is to make her daughter’s life miserable. Moron. Anyway, at the end of the episode Gong Chan tells Yoo Rin that he loves her, and they have their second lip lock, but it is not accidental this time. Too bad they are in for some serious dilemmas in the last three episodes. I can’t believe this is actually done! I will surely miss these two.

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