Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Girl: Episode 5

마이걸: 제5
Se Hyeon and Gong Chan are back together again but some people are not too happy about it. The real granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and Grandpa wants a big party, although they settle for a more intimate family dinner, which Se Hyeon crashes, much to their dismay. She is still treated in a civil manner, though. Grandpa wanted to speak to Yoo Rin’s “stepfather” to invite him and to thank him, which means they have to lie again to get away with it. Jin Gyu, the friend from Jeju Island who just arrived in Seoul, agrees to be the proxy, besides it would just be a phone conversation. By the way, he runs into Yoo Rin’s father at Seoul Station when he is supposed to be in Osaka. Jung Woo finds out that Yoo Rin is fake after overhearing Gong Chan’s secretary, Miss Yoon, in a meeting with a detective in a tea house. He accompanies Yoo Rin to Se Hyeon’s victory party and starts to feel uneasy in her presence.

I feel bad for Se Hyeon, though. If not for the love triangle I think she and Yoo Rin could actually be good friends, but of course we know that is not going to happen. It also does not help that her popularity keeps giving everyone a hard time, like Yoo Rin having to save her from a simple dinner turned impromptu fan session because someone recognized her. The love story between Yoo Rin and Gong Chan seems to start here, with both of them sending off mixed signals. However, it is Yoo Rin who is getting more infatuated as of the moment. Too bad for Jung Woo, who becomes the stereotypical playboy third wheel who is thinks he has found someone worth taking seriously, but that someone is not interested. This episode is a bit too mushy, too much love in the air. The only plot development is that very awkward phone call with her “stepfather”. Still an enjoyable episode though. We have finished one third of the series! It ends on episode 16.

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