Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Girl: Episode 3

마이걸: 제3
Much to Gong Chan’s disappointment and desperation, Yoo Rin says that she simply could not bluff a dying man and walks away, but seeing that the loan sharks have tracked down her abode in Seoul and she has nowhere else to go makes her change her mind. It is going to be a one-time thing and he is going to pay all her debts, along with posh accommodation in a hotel where she once again runs into Jung Woo, whom she mistakes for a Cassanova. Their time together ends abruptly again when she is summoned by Gong Chan to the hospital. His grandfather is very critical, and they have to execute their plan before it is too late. The old man thanks his grandson and says he no longer regrets anything. And then, he SLEEPS. Things get complicated when his aunt, along with Jung Woo and his mother, find her at the hospital and witnesses the old man call her “granddaughter”. Their plan eventually changes. He will pay her as a tenured employee and she will live in their house, so as to continue the charade.

This episode is just so full of contradictions and the lying thing is brought in to a whole new level. In a way I understand where Gong Chan is coming from. He thinks his grandfather is dying, and how can it hurt a dying man to make him think that he has made amends with his past before passing on to the afterlife, right? Except that after the meeting he actually gets better. There seems to be no problem, until the relatives come into the picture. The hilarious part here is when Gong Chan breaks down thinking that his grandpa died, when he actually just went to sleep. In that scene you see that the guy is still human, just made cold by circumstance. And then the way that scene ended was just hilarious. Yoo Rin and Jung Woo gets to know each other better, and we see a potential love angle developing here. Kim Hye Sun finally returns to Seoul and the episode ends with Yoo Rin finding out that Gong Chan was the boyfriend who got dumped. Again, funny, but the plot thickens. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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