Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Girl: Episode 11

마이걸: 제11
The once icy and indifferent Gong Chan is now more upbeat and lively thanks to Yoo Rin, and this bothers Jung Woo because he likes her. Thus, he makes his move. He is going to propose to Yoo Rin. Grandfather could not agree more, and sees to it that they would do everything for it to work out, including sending out Auntie to flatter his mother just to get her approval. The problem is she does not approve no matter what because to her, Yoo Rin’s upbringing is questionable. Grandfather once again feels guilty and ends up in the hospital, and Gong Chan receives the call as he is confessing to Yoo Rin how he goes crazy a million times a day because of her. He breaks up with Se Hyeon. Jung Woo tells Yoo Rin his true feeling for her, but gets an indirect rejection. At the end of the episode, Yoo Rin tells Gong Chan after hanging up on him, that she loves him.

It seems a lot happened in this episode, as far as relationships are concerned. Gong Chan and Se Hyeon break up. Jung Woo begs Yoo Rin to like him. Yoo Rin tells Gong Chan she loves him, although she does so after hanging up on him. Gong Chan almost tells Yoo Rin that he loves her. Okay! The plot is moving forward pretty fast as in terms of relationship issues! Do they really have to cram all those in one episode? Well, it does work because it leaves this heavy feeling. Why oh why does everything have to be complicated. Tsk tsk tsk! What a complicated situation they are all in. Anyway there are truths in this episode that one party withholds from another without knowing that the other party is already aware. As part of the audience you are well aware of it, but of course not every character is. It just makes you marvel on how complicated everything is, and to some extent, how human beings deal with such a situation, in different ways.

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