Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Girl: Episode 14

마이걸: 제14
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Se Hyeon is willing to withhold the identity of the real granddaughter made known to her by Yoo Rin’s father himself, who gets his bounty money without knowing that it just cost her daughter’s happiness. However, after finding out that Gong Chan and Yoo Rin are running away to Jeju Island, and then seeing them holding hands under the snow, Se Hyeon decides to tell Grandfather everything, and then she flees to England. Jung Woo, on the other hand, flies to New York. Grandpa meets his real granddaughter (actress not shown), confronts Yoo Rin and tells her not to go to Jeju Island, but rather farther, away from them. Gong Chan is the last one to know that their lies have been revealed. He tries to catch her at the airport, but is too late. Two years later Auntie and Mr. Jang already have a baby which they name Ye Rin. Gong Chan waits in his car at a stoplight under the snow, and says “Happy Birthday, Yoo Rin.” Yoo Rin crosses the intersection with a bunch of tourists under her care, but they do not see each other.

And so the snow globe breaks, literally and figuratively. Fuck this. Sorry, but this episode was really hard to watch. Lee Da Hae, you already! I’ll make sure I’d see your Miss Ripley drama soon. She can make you laugh and you would think she is just that, a comedy actress. But what the heck! When she breaks down at the airport I wanted to have a heart attack for her. ACTRESS! I wanted to hate on Grandpa but I could not because you could also feel his pain. What happened to them is simply hard to fathom, at least from the old man’s perspective. Your life was saved by this girl you loved so much knowing that she is your granddaughter and then you find out that it is all a lie. That is a bitter pill to swallow, and since we are just human, our emotions would surely get in the way. What I am wondering about though is that there are two episodes left! There is more to see? Okay. At least it is very much unlike Filipino dramas which leave everything hanging for the sake of convenience. Looks like the people behind this show are going to resolve the characters’ issues! Proper closure. I like it.

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