Sunday, February 12, 2012

日本語 - Week 14 (Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1)

The book I am using is Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1 by Eriko Sato from the Tuttle Language Library. Volume 1 of the book has 61 lessons. Target end date is April 14, 2012.

MONDAY: Lesson Thirty Three –ノートが3冊あります
We have already encountered the three verbs used to show that something or someone exists. These three could also be used to express possession if the right particles are used. Usually the subject particle is used to express there is while if it is already known what is being referred to in context, the topic particle is used to express is at. Example? The dog is at home would be うちにいます while There is a dog at home would beうちにいます. The book also says that the position of the nouns in the sentence could also play a part in determining this.

TUESDAY: Lesson Thirty Four – へやにはつくえと本ばこがあります
Today’s grammar point is short, we just discuss それから which means therefore and is used to link two sentences, the second of which could be perceived as a consequence of the first. The example given in the book is: I am Japanese, therefore I speak Japanese which is 私は日本人です。それから、日本語を話します.

WEDNESDAY: Lesson Thirty Four –へやにはつくえと本ばこがあります
すこし means a little and is used as an adverb to depict volume or to soften the tone of the sentence. The book says it could substitute for ちょっと in most cases although not that for calling attention. For example, Japanese is a little bit hard could be stated with 日本語をちょっとむずかしいです or日本語をすこしむずかしいです.

THURSDAY: Lesson Thirty Five私は兄が2人います
For the next two lessons we would focus on number phrases, or those numerals followed by counters, of which there are many in Japanese. We have a total of seven for this lesson and we will just tackle three today and leave the other four for tomorrow. For cylindrical objects like pens and cigarettes the counter used is . For flat objects like paper and tickets, you use . For mechanical objects like computers and appliances you have to use . How does this actually work? Mention the thing followed by the particle (direct object, subject, depends) followed the number which in turn is followed by the counter. I bought 3 pencils would be 私はえんぴつ買いました. See that? It is confusing at first but just remember to mention the object first followed by its particle, then the number followed by its counter.

FRIDAY: Lesson Thirty Five –私は兄が2人います
For the last four counters for this week we have people = , books and magazines (bound) = , small or medium sized animals = ひき, and non-inanimate objects = which has a special form for almost every number that you have to memorize separately.
For next week I would be covering the second half of lesson thirty three until lesson thirty five. We can do this guys! The goal is to pass the N5 examination of the JLPT in December 2012! =)

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