Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Girl: Episode 7

마이걸: 제7
Yoo Rin is still crying over Gong Chan and the difficult situation she is in. She does not get to prevent his father from leaving and so she turns to soju for comfort, and does some crazy things. One of the crazy things would be climbing up a ladder to grab the star on top of a Christmas tree. She falls, but Gong Chan catches her. This episode is full of pranks from her to him, and it seems like he is becoming less uptight as the days go by. Se Hyeon visits Grandpa and gets told flat on her face that the family does not want their relationship to go public for privacy’s sake. She agrees, but her insecurity is building up seeing how Gong Chan and Yoo Rin seem to be so close to each other despite having just met. Yoo Rin, on the contrary, wants out before she falls even deeper in love. The thing is, it seems Gong Chan is also starting to develop feelings for her, and using his grandfather’s health as a pretext, offers Yoo Rin something she could not refuse as long as she stays for three more months. The villa at Jeju island.

At least this episode is not as heavy as the previous one. Yes, some more tears from Yoo Rin, and it pains me to see her that way but the love angle must develop too. They still toss in a few funny things to keep everything light, like the first meeting between Jin Gyu and Secretary Yoon. I like how the episode is full of pranks, and how these pranks are so hilarious and at the same time manage to humanize Gong Chan’s cold exterior. There is no direct admission of feelings, but as the episode ended it was quite evident that he is falling for her too. So there, I guess I would have to warn you about episodes six and seven. If you do not like circular storylines that resemble something such as: Boy likes Girl but Girl likes Other Boy but Other Boy is in a relationship with Other Girl; then better stay away from these episodes.

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