Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Girl: Episode 1

마이걸: 제1
Silent and well-respected, Seol Gong Chan is a very busy man. He manages the family business while searching non-stop for his long lost cousin, which is his bedridden grandfather’s wish before his health totally fails him. Joo Yoo Rin is a perky and street-wise young woman who has a knack for business and uses her credible “acting” skills to get away from sticky situations. Their paths cross more than once, which is just the perfect timing every time especially for her as she tries to run away and hide from her gambler of a father’s loan shark creditors. After becoming an impromptu Mandarin – Korean interpreter for his business meeting, she finds out that no one really lives in his villa, and thus, breaks in after he is gone and treats the house as hers, even plucking the oranges and selling them for a profit. And then he decides to come back and sees a stranger picking his orchard’s fruits.

Well, what I really liked about this K-Drama the first time I saw it was the Yoo Rin character. Lee Da Hae is just so animated here that she seems like a cartoon character. This, of course, is the perfect complement for Gong Chan, who is rather stiff and always uptight. Come to think of it, that seems to be the Korean template for romantic comedies. For shallow people like me that is more than enough to entertain me. The premise of the story is not yet presented in this episode, although it is already hinted. The two other characters completing the love square are introduced but do not join the action just yet. In effect this pilot does a good job in establishing the characters of the two leads so that by the time you move on to the next episode you are already well-acquainted with them.

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