Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Girl: Episode 2

마이걸: 제2
After a mad chase scene at the villa’s orange farm, Yoo Rin almost gets away if not for a minor glitch that results in Gong Chan catching her. She returns the money and promises to go away, until circumstance brings them back together through the Chinese investors from episode one. Still being chased by the loan sharks, she tries her best to ward them off until they finally catch up with her. Enter Seo Jung Woo, Gong Chan’s “liberal” cousin, who fights them off. After getting her wage, she finally finds her dad and sends him off to Osaka to hide while she heads to Seoul, but not until she diverts the loan sharks’ attention to Gong Chan, banking on her acting skills and misleading them to think that he is her “unborn child’s” father. Meanwhile, all hopes in finding his long lost cousin seems lost when Gong Chan visits a woman in Osaka, a friend of her aunt who tells him that a big earthquake killed many people back then. After his grandfather gets hospitalized and through constant prodding from his assistant and Jung Woo about presenting a fake cousin, he decides to track Yoo Rin down, and asks her to be “his cousin”.

The episode is still funny and I was still laughing my ass off just watching them, Yoo Rin in particular. The noodles and airport scenes are hilarious. She is just so animated. Gong Chan is still stiff as ever but his reactions are kind of funny too, and we get to see a glimpse of his past through a flashback from Kim Se Hyeon. At least now we know why he is so cold. The introduction to Seo Jung Woo is completed here so I guess the next episode would be Se Hyeon’s. They try to bring in some intrigue to the plot already via the appearance of Joo Rin’s father on the Osaka photo of Gong Chan’s aunt. If they are going to pursue this plot complication, we would find out soon. However, what really is established in this episode is the propensity of both lead characters to lie, and the ending is just a confirmation of that, as if warning us to watch out because the next episodes would be full of bluffing and lying. I love this show.

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