Monday, May 2, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 6

49일: 제6회
Ji Hyeon is fired by Kang, in an apparent fit of jealous rage. Kang has noticed that Minho is uncharacteristically repugnant to Yi Kyeong, something which he considers as a trace of hidden desire. He uses Ji Hyeon’s condition and the fact that she is his fiancée as an excuse, but the truth is that he is also starting to develop feelings for Yi Kyeong because of the personality that she shares with Ji Hyeon. This is further affirmed by a magic trick done by Yi Kyeong to appease a crying kid, which Ji Hyeon taught him in high school. Yi Kyeong’s body starts to suffer from the fatigue, and Ji Hyeon has to bring her, while inside her body, to the hospital. There, she is seen by Minho, who forcibly brings her back to Kang’s restaurant, where the confrontation between her and Kang ensue, leading to her dismissal. However, Minho offers her a job, which is to clean his house, but obviously with a hidden agenda.

Minho is a scary guy. Those quiet types who shyly smile but would stab you at the back when you are looking are usually the frightening psychotic ones. Despite this, it could be argued that this guy does like Ji Hyeon, except that she has gotten in the way of a much more important agenda. You see, both Kang and Minho are falling for Yi Kyeong because of Ji Hyeon’s qualities. As for Kang, though, his behavior is much more obvious no matter how much he denies it. He likes Ji Hyeon, and is falling for Yi Kyeong because Yi Kyeong is actually Ji Hyeon, just in another body. Complicated! The good thing about this episode is how the two guys are fleshed out and discreetly psychoanalyzed through their actions. Another good thing is how they finally admit that all this setup is taking a toll on Yi Kyeong’s body. Hello, she is not super, and they have to acknowledge that. This only serves to complicate the plot even further, and that is definitely a good thing.

Expressions of the day
자고있었는데요 I was sleeping
바쁜데 왜? I'm busy, why?

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