Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 7

49일: 제7회
Yi Kyeong is fired from her convenience store job and goes through a cycle of depression, not going out of the house for a few days, which means Ji Hyeon is also stuck in there with the clock ticking. She loses about four days doing nothing, but uses the opportunity to get to know her host well enough to actually care. This happens after Yi Kyeong once again decides to commit suicide, just in time for the psychiatrist guy to foil her attempt again. Ji Hyeon asks the Scheduler to intervene, and he does, by getting Yi Kyeong a part-time night job in a café for shorter hours, which means more time for Ji Hyeon, who in turn accepts the day job as a maid at Minho’s flat. For her, this decision would be like hitting two birds with one stone. On one hand, she would still have a job to earn her keep, and on the other, she would be able to investigate on whatever Minho is planning against her family. Minho, on the contrary, starts to lie to In Jeong, just to accommodate Yi Kyeong. One white lie backfires as In Jeong heads straight to his flat, and finds Yi Kyeong working there.

This episode is not exciting, but neither is it uninteresting. Why so? Well, because Ji Hyeon finally gets to be concerned about Yi Kyeong too. All this time she has been using Yi Kyeong’s body without regard for the latter’s health, nor her personal drama. A curious thing, though, would be Yi Kyeong’s reaction when she discovers the oddities such as the shampoo she did not buy and the hematoma she has not inflicted upon herself. Her reaction raises questions because it seems as though she is hiding more secrets. After saying she is tired of all that, she tries to commit suicide again. Perhaps, what could be more appreciated in this episode would be the contrast between the two girls. You have one who has no body but would like to live again, and another one who has what the other needs, but has no more motivation to live. One could not help but wonder how these two girls will change their lives. Anyway, the episode also shows flashbacks of In Jeong and Min Ho's love story, and theirs seems pretty legit.

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