Friday, May 13, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 15

49일: 제15회
It turns out that Yi Kyeong just blurted Minho’s name out of nowhere. She gets extremely nervous after that, but Dr Noh saves the day. Yi Kyeong starts narrating her past, on how she was abandoned by her mother and how she met Yi Soo at the orphanage. Dr Noh thinks that she is suffering from multiple personality disorder. She thinks a ghost is possessing her. In spite of this, she feels relieved, because the ghost seems to care for her and gives her a feeling that someone is concerned about her, which she has never felt again after Yi Soo died. Ji Hyeon’s father undergoes the operation and wakes up successfully with her guidance through a dream. Ji Hyeon meets another 49-day traveler in the person of an old man. Unlike her, though, the guy only has one day left but without a single tear in his necklace. Minho is still 50-50 in believing that Yi Kyeong is being possessed by Ji Hyeon. In Jeong is quite sure. After Seo Woo finds out about her relationship with Minho, In Joeng calls Yi Kyeong and explains every grudge she has for Ji Hyeon, showing the strong envy she feels for her best friend. The Scheduler begins to remember Yi Kyeong after Ji Hyeon goes to the hotel where she used to work and gathered some memorabilia.

There are just so many things happening simultaneously in this episode! First, the other 49-day traveler is a rather cool twist. At least, Ji Hyeon is able to confirm her doubts regarding her journey. This also gives her more hope. The narration of In Jeong’s backstory, and later on more of Yi Kyeong’s, is a good thing because it helps confirm what we think we already know. What the hell, Dr Noh? What ever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality? He tells Minho about Yi Kyeong’s belief that a spirit is possessing her. Is that not against the ethics of medical practice? Anyhow, it makes things more exciting because now we have to wait what next move Minho will do. As for the surgery, are we all not glad that it is over? It has been a rather dragging issue for the last few episodes! Kudos to the writers for the fast pacing! The revelations are coming very fast, and several people are now aware, albeit with varying levels of believability, that Yi Kyeong is Ji Hyeon.

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