Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 8

49일: 제8회
In Jeong catches Yi Kyeong working as a part-time maid at Minho’s flat, but despite her rage she could not really play the jealous girlfriend card without revealing their supposedly secret relationship. And so she manipulates Kang and asks him to deliver some architecture related papers to Minho’s apartment, in the end finding out about Yi Kyeong too. This leads to him also having a jealous fit, thrashing furniture around once he gets home. Ji Hyeon does not want to hurt Kang, but she has a mission in Minho’s house. Minho, on the other hand, starts to show feelings for Yi Kyeong, even taking her out to lunch in a hidden alley restaurant where he used to bring his mother. Ji Hyeon finds out that the person close to Yi Kyeong who died five years ago could be his younger brother. She tells the scheduler about it in an effort to convince him to find Yi Kyeong’s brother, but he would not help her, causing her to scold him. He retaliates by revealing that he died at the age of 23, and that he no longer wants to be involved with Yi Kyeong’s affairs ever again, hinting some sort of relationship between the two that is unknown for now. Minho discovers that Ji Hyeon’s father has a brain tumor, and that his days are also numbered.

Okay, too many revelations for one episode! The most intriguing so far is the possible relationship between the Scheduler and Yi Kyeong. The way those scenes are framed does not even attempt subtlety. The Scheduler and Yi Kyeong have some sort of relationship. Could he be the brother than she lost five years ago? Suspense! As for the brewing love stories, it is so strange how Minho is falling for Yi Kyeong, who is actually Ji Hyeon! For Kang, it is a bit more understandable because he is getting all the hints that this girl is Ji Hyeon, but he just would not give in to that because it is logically impossible. Even so, he has his reasons to fall for her, but Minho? He himself admits in this episode that he has no feelings for Ji Hyeon, although it could be argued that he just told In Jeong that to calm her down. Perhaps it is his need to please everybody that challenges him to pursue this girl. As he always says, no one has ever looked at him that way. Anyway, what a screw-up! What would happen if ever Ji Hyeon wakes up?

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