Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 18

49일: 제18회
It turns out to be Ji Hyeon hugging Kang, and he notices this too. The few days left are spent mostly on company matters and making small moments more special. In Jeong almost tampers with Ji Hyeon’s respirator as per Minho’s orders, but is stopped by Kang just in time. There is also a confrontation with Ji Hyeon’s mother, putting all of their issues out in the open but eventually left unresolved. Kang tries to appeal to Minho’s humanity by dragging his mother’s name into the discussion, but he remains adamant. Kang decides to leave for the US to personally seek his father’s help in the form of an investment so that Ji Hyeon’s company would stay afloat. This, he does with barely two days left on Ji Hyeon’s death clock. Yi Kyeong begins to acknowledge the bond between her and Ji Hyeon, and how this wandering soul has impacted on her life. Yi Kyeong sheds a tear as Ji Hyeon bids her parents goodbye, but this does not go into the necklace. Surrendering, Ji Hyeon asks the Scheduler to send her to the elevator even with seven hours still remaining, but as he summons it, a tear appears in the necklace. And then, another. Ji Hyeon wakes up in the hospital.

Okay, that was fast! There are two episodes left! More or less, one would be dedicated to Yi Kyeong and Yi Soo, while the other would be to resolve issues that are left hanging. From the looks of it, Seo Woo and Yi Kyeong contributed the last two tears, but given this drama’s propensity for twists, maybe there are some surprises left. It would have been better if In Jeong contributed one. Anyway, even Minho seems to be showing some signs of wanting to redeem himself by giving Yi Kyeong the contract to her room. What are the writers up to! This episode has been depressing because the main theme of death is made more real by that pending elevator ride. The resolution, however, seems to abrupt, with both tears appearing at the same time, although some would argue that this is just apt because of the doctor’s announcement that Ji Hyeon’s case is hopeless and that they should pull the plug. That obviously made Seo Woo cry. In any case, it looks like we are in for some Yi Kyeong/Yi Soo resolution in the last remaining episodes!

Expressions of the day
포기 안할거에요 I won't surrender
애기 좀 하자 Let's talk a bit

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