Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 12

49일: 제12회
The four of them are connected after all. Jinan triggers a powerful memory that leads Yi Kyeong to wake up and eject Ji Hyeon from her body. A few years back when they were all students, Yi Kyeong and the Scheduler, known by his then human name Yi Soo, traveled to Jinan and met Ji Hyeon and Kang, who were doing a fund raiser by reading tarot cards. Yi Soo picked an unlucky card depicting two lovers separating, but Ji Hyeon lies and says otherwise because the couple seemed so happy. A fight breaks out between her and Kang because of the lie, and then both of them were suddenly separated due to their parents’ respective decisions. He is brought to the US. She is led back to Seoul. Kang starts to connect the dots regarding Ji Hyeon’s mission, not letting her know that he already knows, which in effect does not have her breaking any of the rules. In Jeong resigns from her job after Ji Hyeon continues to provoke her and tell her that Minho is just using her as an informant, an insider in the company. In Jeong, however, is starting to catch up and is slowly discovering some things about Yi Kyeong.

This is one of the sadder episodes because of the Yi Kyeong/Yi Soo flashback. Damn, why did their love story have to end like that? The more depressing part, though, is how Yi Soo as the Scheduler does not remember anything. This is sure to be a bawling game once their unfinished love affair finally comes to a close. While it seems a bit contrived that Kang is discovering the facts so fast, at least now Ji Hyeon has someone to rely on, despite her not knowing it. Anyway, yes, sad episode!  I could not reiterate that enough. Now more than ever, there is more anticipation as to what happens in the end. Who gets their happy ending? Aside from the main story arc, the Yi Kyeong/Yi Soo subplot also seems to have a huge following. Maybe there should be more exposure for them in the next episodes. Or maybe not, because it always ends up being sad!

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