Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 19

49일: 제19회
Kang returns from the US just in time, securing his father’s investment only to find out that Ji Hyeon is gone. This feeling of regret is immediately replaced with a feeling of bliss as he learns that Ji Hyeon is finally awake, only to be replaced again by a feeling of hurt because she wakes up without a single memory of her 49 days. Yi Soo and Yi Kyeong finally meet to have proper closure. He gives her the engagement ring he bought for her, brings him to an amusement park, and even redecorates her house. In the morning, however, he gets rid of the rings and tells her to move on, for his sake, because they could no longer be together again. Yi Kyeong is heartbroken because all the while she thought he has finally come to take her with him. Bidding their final farewell, he disappears from her life. Forever. In Jeong breaks down after a forced reunion with Ji Hyeon. Minho is arrested by the police, after finally meeting his mother and breaking down in front of her. Yi Kyeong visits Ji Hyeon at the hospital, and is surprised that she remembers her well. Ji Hyeon makes a confession. She remembers everything, but pretends she does not, because according to her, she is going to die. Again.

This episode is just too heavy, damn it. We all saw this reunion between Yi Kyeong and Yi Soo coming, but perhaps it is that subconscious feeling of hope that they would have a happy ending that leads to this heart-breaking conclusion. In fact, their love story ended five years ago when he died. Like a book lacking a final chapter because the author died, all that is missing is a final episode to be written so everyone could move on. That is what happens here, no matter how hard it is to fathom and accept, because that is what life is all about: MOVING ON. This drama is just too cruel, what with all that Ji-Hyeon-not-remembering-Kang and stuff. I am not a big fan of the guy, but come on. This 49-day missions would have totally failed without him, and then in the end he still ends up the loser. And then suddenly they bare that twist of her really remembering everything, but pretending not to because she is going to die anyway. What the hell? That is this episode’s cliff-hanger, which means you just have to watch the finale at once to satisfy your curiosity. Whoever the writers are, they know their craft really well!

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알고싶지않아 I don't want to know
여기는 왜? Why here?

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