Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 13

49일: 제13회
Ji Hyeon is finding it harder to leave Yi Kyeong’s body. Yi Kyeong, on the other hand, is starting to acknowledge Ji Hyeon’s presence more and more by hearing her voice and being able to touch her somehow. Through her continued hypnosis, she also gets to recall more of Ji Hyeon’s memories. In Jeong exposes Yi Kyeong as Park Jeong Eun after solving pieces of the puzzle that ends up with Yi Kyeong’s number. Kang comes to Yi Kyeong’s defense, making up his own white lies to protect her, and playing naive with her after she asks him about it. She thinks Kang knows, and she asks the Scheduler, but he tells her nothing. Ji Hyeon comes clean to Minho, solidifying her claim that she is Ji Hyeon’s friend. Now that she has admitted this, she no longer has a way to get close to him to open the vault in his room. She then goes to his flat without Yi Kyeong’s body, but just ends up wasting a few days there because he would not open the damn vault. Ji Hyeon discovers Yi Kyeong’s college year book and finds out that Song Yi Soo and the Scheduler are one and the same. She shows this year book to the Scheduler.

At last! The mystery surrounding Song Yi Soo is finally known to all the important parties involved. What would be the consequences of this, though? The Scheduler’s memories are not wiped out without reason. Would his duty be extended again? Anyway, In Jeong is becoming more and more bitchy in a very bad way as an insufferable pain in the ass. It is a good thing that her plans backfire thanks to Kang. What a relief that Kang is here to save the day! It is always good to have a sidekick who would always watch your back, despite you not knowing it directly. To add, Ji Hyeon is becoming more and more bitchy in a good way because she is not a wimp anymore. Thanks to all the development, the episode is not as boring as it should have. The revelation of the main story points is going on smoothly, but the way the plot focuses on that vault is becoming dragging, although that is not the significant development to look out for. Anyway, the next episodes are bound to be more exciting.

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