Monday, May 16, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 16

49일: 제16회
Kang discovers, through his restaurant staff’s brainstorming session of how many days, that tears are the best expression of one’s true feelings. He confirms this by asking Ji Hyeon questions about her necklace and the one tear that it now contains. He tricks her into admitting when that single tear appeared and confesses that he went to the hospital to cry for her that day. She is now grateful to him and eventually admits to the Scheduler that she now has feelings for him. The Scheduler’s memory is back because and this is because of keeping Ji Hyeon in Yi Kyeong’s body as constant company. He now remembers that his wish is for him to come back as himself just to be able to explain his side of the story to Yi Kyeong. It turns out that the two had a big argument before his motorcycle accident and never had a proper closure. Ji Hyeon finds out that Yi Kyeong is the one who caused her accident, and unleashed her rage on her a bit, causing the barriers between them to start breaking, with the latter now hearing and seeing the former from time to time. Minho is now convinced that Yi Kyeong is Ji Hyeon, confronts her about it, buys her apartment, and sends Yi Kyeong off to Busan, leaving Ji Hyeon without a body.

Five episodes left and almost every secret is now out there for everyone to deal with. While Kang discovering how all thus 49 days phenomenon has been a big relief, Minho joining the fray is not something anyone would really want to happen. This guy is scary! And now he is doing everything he could just to make sure that Ji Hyeon would be riding that elevator soon.  Perhaps, the good thing here is how another side of him is seen that is clearly human. He has fears, and his outburst asking Ji Hyeon, “Why! Why,” with that cute childish expression just goes to show that he is not at all that numb. The backstory of Yi Soo and Yi Kyeong are now almost complete, and it is just so beautifully tragic that you somehow end up watching the show just to have more of their story. Nevertheless, it is good that they are kept on the background, because their story is just too heavy, and I guess the main arc concerning Ji Hyeon keeps everything balanced. It is not a good idea to keep one’s hopes up that Yi Kyeong and Yi Soo will have a happy ending. Theirs is just a tragic love affair that needs proper closure so both of them could move on. In effect, they are just waiting for the final chapter to close the book. Depressing, yes.

Expressions of the day
이거 봐 Look at this
그거 사랑이야? Is that love?

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