Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 9

49일: 제9회
Kang literally drags Ji Hyeon out of Minho’s flat so she could go back working for him. As their friends gather together at his restaurant for his birthday, Ji Hyeon reveals to In Jeong that she knows about her secret relationship with Minho. This, however, does not matter as much as her father’s decision to come up with a new last will and testament giving their company to Minho once he dies. In an effort to stop this, Ji Hyeon asks for the Scheduler’s help once again, and he does help her by giving her the ability to touch something just once, and also by directly interfering in human affairs. Because of this, his boss, personified by a an old biker lady in a motorcycle, scolds him and tells him that she is extending his five-year duty for another week as punishment for meddling with earthly affairs. Yi Kyeong discovers more oddities regarding her everyday life which prompts her to calls her psychiatrist, whose prognosis of her dilemma is sleepwalking. She, on the other hand, thinks she is going crazy.

At last, we see some punishment for meddling with human affairs! Yes, we want Ji Hyeon to live, but not everything should be done for her. Rules are there for a reason right? At least, in this episode it is proven that an action will always have an equivalent reaction. As for Ji Hyeon’s father not pushing through with his plans because of the flying seal and flying photo frame courtesy of Ji Hyeon and the Scheduler, well, this is fiction after all, right? In other supernatural dramas or movies, such events are the norm. Here, at least they try to be a bit subtle and not too eerie. Besides, watching the show until now only means that we have chosen to believe in the drama’s universe, and this is just part of that. Nonetheless, the development with regards to Yi Kyeong’s story is moving at a glacial pace. Hopefully, there would be more time reserved for that in the next episodes. We want to get to know this woman too and whatever life drama she has!

Expressions of the day
절대 Absolutely
진짜 몰랐어 I really did not know

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